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Japanese Smokeless Ashtray

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The Japanese Smokeless Ashtray will help remove unwanted smoke and odors from your room. Using a built-in fan and a carbon filtration system, it is able to consume large amounts of smoke, keeping the smoke and smell out of your environments air, off your furniture, clothes, and out of your face.

Designed for easy disassembly to make installing batteries and cleaning quick and simple. Operates on two “C” batteries, not included.

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  1. review by Frank on 5/28/2014

    Had one forever and it does cut way down on idling smoke. I take the filters out and add some drops of concentrated air fresher to the filters and when it's running it forces the smell into the room. Nice. As for how loud it runs. Well, that's the problem.. it is noisy... so I don't let it run when it isn't being used.

    This could be better designed but it does work and does a decent job. Even has big resting slot for a cigar.

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