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4 Reasons You Should Be Smoking All Natural

RAW Organic Rolling Papers

The days of old, bleached branded papers are over -- or should be in our opinion. Problem is, no one will tell us what's in those crap papers! They're some sort of unpalatable blend of wood, bleach, and other stuff pressed down to make a rather thick cigarette paper. If you're like us, you have gained a fine taste for the special blend inside the paper. You don't want the other stuff getting in the way.

So what's the alternative? Well, it's the 21st century and roll your own technology has come a long way from the days you saw your grandfather rolling his cigarettes. Nowadays we have unbleached papers made from 100% hemp or pure rice. Entire tobacco brands are dedicated to pure, all-natural or organic tobacco blends minus all the fillers and chemicals. We think it's a whole lot better to know exactly what's in the cigarette we're smoking.


There are 599 government-approved additives the cigarette companies are permitted to use. Some of these include the ones we've all heard of: nicotine, ammonia, and carbon monoxide. But did you know there is also methane (found in sewer gas), cadmium (battery acid), hexamine (found in barbecue lighter fluid), and toluene (an industrial solvent)?

Many of these chemicals have been thoroughly researched and are known to cause all sorts of cancers and, of course, addiction.


Don't hand over control of your health to Big Tobacco. They care nothing for you, only for your hard-earned cash. Take back the power to make delicious cigarettes. Those chemicals we mentioned before are nowhere to be found in homemade cigarettes. High quality ingredients are much less habit-forming and way less effective at causing disease. It's simple: pure hemp or rice paper and pure tobacco.



Flavored Juicy Jay's Rolling Papers

You don't have to smoke crap! There is a perfect flavor profile for you. You just have to find it. Grab your favorite loose tobacco and one of our samplers, and let the games begin! Get your friends together for a "rolling party" to share ideas and opinions.

Once you settle on the perfect blend of ingredients, you'll be well on your way to a  better smoking experience.


Think all this will break the bank? Heck no! Think of the average cost of a pack of cigarettes hovering somewhere around five bucks in the US. Your healthier hand-rolled ciggies will cost way less. We're talkin' in the neighborhood of 15 cents per cigarette. Rolling your own cigarettes won't cost a lot of your time either. Some of the places you can roll up include during your favorite TV shows or on the bus.



It is also important to choose the right tobacco to go along with your papers and filters. 

If you need a visual guide to get started rolling, visit Rolling Paper Depot's YouTube channel. Remember, you can also call or email us anytime for more information.