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8 New Gadgets That Blew our Mind in 2015

RAW Organic Cones

RAW Organic Cones

The long-awaited arrival of Organic cones in bulk finally came this year! RAW is known for manufacturing unbleached, all natural rolling paper and uses the cone shape to burn a little faster at first and then less and less as you continue to smoke. Smokers agree that these cones burn less and burn better with the trademarked watermarking. The taste never changes from the first puff to the last, so you’ll never worry about a burnt taste at the end or a compromise in flavor throughout. These pre-rolled cones are perfect for spontaneous smoking and have the same great quality as hand-rolled papers, which is awesome. Sometimes you just gotta stuff it when there’s no time to roll!

RAW debuted multiple sizes and packages of their organic pre-rolled cones this year. King size is 108mm, holding about a gram, and are available in 800 count bulk, boxes of 32, or the ice cream cone 3-pack. The standard 79mm 1 ¼ organic cones hold a half gram and are packaged in 900, 32, or 6. They are also less processed than most other rolling papers on the market, and vegan! We're super excited they finally came out in bulk this year!

Tech Alert! RAW Emoji Keyboard 2015

RAW Emoji Keyboard

RAW came out with an emoji keyboard, available on iTunes from Awesome App Machine LLC, that has a ton of emojis that "say it all"! Before this year, the app wasn't open to the public, but now everyone can download it. RAW not only made an app designed for texting; this emoji keyboard is also updated with all of RAW’s new products! Truly RAWthentic smokers can't live without this app, and it was a huge success when it came out. RAW is continuing improvements, and even older devices like the iPhone 4 are supported. We love the colorful and creative emojis that RAW continues to put on the keyboard.

...Oh yeah, and did we mention this app is FREE?! Gotta love it. #RAWlife

Cypress Hill Phuncky Feel Tips by RooR

Cypress Hill Phuncky Feel Tips

These glass tips come in round and flat styles and were a HUGE hit for smokers this year. Adjust the tip to different lengths so the pull and airflow is customizable to your very own rolling and smoking style. We’ve gotten nothing but positive reviews, and some say that the tips make the taste even better. They cool down the smoke, are easy to clean and reuse, make your puffs super smooth, and even help with rolling.

The low cost combined with the fact that you can reuse them multiple times - one person they even dropped theirs and were STILL able to use it cracked for a while - make these a super easy, economical way to keep rollin' and avoid having to get an expensive, breakable glass piece. Definitely a top 2015 smoking accessory!

Trove Carrying Case

Trove Carrying Case

The Trove carrying case surpassed other carrying cases in 2015. They’re a customer favorite because it’s an all-in-one RYO storage solution. The lightweight case has a built-in grinder and can carry papers, herbs, roll ups, and a lanyard that makes it easier to carry with you or under clothing. It’s definitely our #1 travel accessory. One of our customers simply said, "These are perfect for all of your herbal needs." And we agree!

RAW Wooden Trident

RAW Wooden Trident

RAW is a perennial favorite, but the new RAW Wooden Trident was the top-selling RAWthentic product of the year. An improvement on the RAW Double Barrel, the Wooden Trident Cigarette Holder holds not 1, not 2, but 3 hand rolls or pre-rolled cones! The Trident is so unique that there are no two that are exactly the same - like snowflakes - because they are literally handmade out of Brown Knot wood, so there are variances in the crafting as well as the natural color and patterns in the wood.

Back story... While RAW engineers were smoking on a Double Barrel, and during the Cypher #3 creation, CJ Fly joked that the only thing better than RAW's Double Barrel would be a Trident! Right then and there it was born, and they started designing it.

Smoke circles definitely got upgraded this year.

Phoenician Elite Series 4 Piece Grinder

Phoenician Elite Series 4 Piece Grinder

Phoenician Engineering blew the competition out of the water with their Elite Series medical grade grinders that are constructed with 304 Stainless Steel and Type II Titanium. With the price tag, you get a choice of 24 karat gold, silver, or copper plating! It’s not even fair to compare Phoenician to aluminum grinders. Oh, and you should probably go ahead and include them in your will, because they can outlast a lifetime with no issue!

The Large 4 Piece Elite Series Grinder from Phoenician is flawlessly engineered. It features no threads, a fast lock system with diametric teeth so sharp they come with a warning!, replaceable screens, your choice of plating over a 6061 aluminum (aerospace!), and lobe gripping on the outside so that you can choose from a variety of optional grip styles and options. It even comes complete with a built-in ashtray, as well as a slot on the top for holding rolling papers on the top kind of like a tissue box (our FAVORITE feature) - really convenient.

As if you needed any more reasons to buy one of these masterfully made grinders, it must be mentioned that they are literally made to order, based on your specifications. All Phoenicians are sterilized and shipped in medical grade sealed packaging. The high degree of attention to detail that Phoenician puts into their surprisingly lightweight 4 piece grinder is impeccable, and reviews from our customers and all over the web agree: this is a huge hit for 2015! The investment is worth every penny, and we can’t wait to see what they come up with next.

The Benjamins "Tattooed" Wraps by Shine

Benjamin Tattoo Wrap

We have to throw a shoutout to Shine for their printed Benjamin wraps. The $100 bill is printed on each wrap and, like the entire Shine line, grab attention wherever you are smoking. The ink is totally edible, and was a best seller and favorite of 2015!


RAW "Rawtural" Terpene Sensory-Enhanced Candle

RAW Sensory-Enhanced Candle

At RPD, we're all about getting the mood right. Soy Wax, Myrcene, Hemp Seed Oil, and Therapeutic-Grade Terpene Essential Oils make for a natural and clean-burning wax candle that has a sort of a pleasant, unique scent, reminiscent of Citronella.

This candle lit up 2015 with the uplifting aroma of terpene - an aromatherapy essential and a must-have to heighten the feeling of anyone within the smoke circle. Some people don't even light it. They just take the lid off and revel in the great scent even without a flame. That’s one way to make it last longer! Even after we’ve blown it out, the fragrance stays around for an hour sometimes. This is actually one of the only things we carry that would make a sweet gift for both the smokers and non-smokers in your life.

BONUS! Once the all the candle wax is gone, you’re left with a RAW tin. It's like two RAWesome gifts in one!

This year brought us some really cool products from our favorite brands, as well as some newcomers. The creativity this industry exhibits from year to year always blows us away. All we ever want to know is… WHAT’S NEXT?!

Did we miss something epic? Let us know your favorite smoking product of 2015!