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Custom Rolling Papers

Promoting your business with your own custom rolling papers might sound like a great idea, but consider the fact that you'll probably have to buy tens of thousands of packs at a time. We have inquiries about custom rolling papers all the time, but currently we cannot help with custom papers. There are many reasons why getting your own papers for your business might help your business. Branding of your business is important and your logo on custom rolling papers can help brand your business. 

Currently, making your own rolling papers can be expensive and you're forced to buy thousands of dollars of papers at a time. There's another way to get your name on papers and that's the combination of Doob Tubes and Pre-Rolled Cones. Many dispensaries use cones to make their cigarettes and they hand out medicine with pre-rolled cigarettes. Consider the fact that you can pre-roll cigarettes for your clients and then put the cigarettes in a nice Doob Tube for them to carry. The best part is that you can have your name and logo on the Doob Tubes. Doob Tubes are odor proof, water resistant, and make perfect carrying cases for all types of pre-rolled cigarettes.

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