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Places to See and Where to be on 4/20 2016


It's almost here - the holiday we wait for all year! Though not a state holiday (yet), for us smokers around the world the most exciting holiday of the year falls on 420! It’s like second Christmas.

Wait... Uhhhh... Why do We Celebrate 4/20 Again?

There are as many explanations as to the origins of 420 as there are people stealing lighters! People say it was a '70s police code for smoking or smokers. It's also rumored that chemical compounds of some "420" type make up herbs. Or you might be one of the ones who subscribe to the theory that 4:20 was the time to meet up at the flagpole to smoke after school.

Popular 420 Events

Coachella 2014

Even though April 20th, 2016, falls on a Monday this year, we're thinking smokers will still unite. In fact, there are so many events to attend that it would be hard not to! One word: Denver! Second word: COACHELLA!

Coachella falls just before 4/20 (April 17-19) - but what could be better than celebrating early with Flying Lotus, Tyler the Creator, and ACDC? Head to Southern Cal for this ever-popular festival and still make it to work on Monday. Unless you stay at the beach and stay hippie dreamin' forever. #goals

San Francisco, CA - Hippie Hill

San Francisco is known for a lot of things - fine dining, great nightlife, the Golden Gate Bridge... And its 4/20 celebrations! Golden Gate Park - close to the Haight-Ashbury district - is known as the most 'huggable' event. The fun-loving hipster vibe brings people here each year for an unplanned, anything-can-happen sort of celebration that is peaceful and full of great people.

Denver 420 Festival & Tour 2016

The Denver 420 festival is being held for multiple days this year. The Mile High City will host an event full of everything smokers need and a chill environment to celebrate! Clothing vendors, custom glass, dispensaries, art, jewelry, music, and entertainers of all kinds promise a smokin' good time! A fan favorite of this festival is the shuttle rides around town that tour local dispensaries where you can see the back room and the whole process of their legal herb production! If you’re not a member of the Mile High Club yet, why not be an inductee this year?

It's A College Thing! Tallahassee, Florida

Home to FSU and Florida A & M Universities and the 2nd highest number smoker population in the US, this Florida town holds celebrations ALL over. Take-out calls get busy signals - so B.Y.O.M. (Bring Your Own Munchies, more on that later) - and ask anyone about their 420 plans. You're bound to find not one but literally a bunch of places to celebrate our favorite holiday. Thousands of people in Tallahassee celebrate loud and proud!

Atlanta - Snoop In The House!

The Sweetwater 4/20 Fest in Atlanta, Georgia, is holding a 3-day music festival to rival Coachella! None other than Snoop Dogg himself - basically the Official Spokesperson of 4/20 - along with 311, Thievery Corporation, and Primus are going to be performing! This is a don't miss event if you can make it.

Herb N Baked Smokeout Los Angeles

Herb N Baked came about to spread the organic lifestyle of culture and music. The Smokeouts were created as a "420 friendly" zone, a place where you can expect thick clouds of smoke and a high quality experience.

West Coast native Extravagant's advocacy has provided a growing platform that supports the movement.

Be a part of this experience as we kickoff our #420Smokeout in Los Angeles. This event is like no other as attendees get to party in a '420 Friendly' environment with premium open bar. Vendors get a chance to showcase their products at the indoor/outdoor venue, while attendees are able to view booths and vibe to live entertainment & DJ. Celebrate the 420 holiday the Cali way!

4/20 Sesh Kit - What You Got in That Bag?!

Ludacris aside - kickin' it to old school hip hop while we think about the sesh bag essentials...

Okay, so we’ll start with the obvious. Rolling papers, legal smoking herbs, grinder, stir/poke tool, LIGHTER - bring a few extra just to be safe, eye drops, and your preferred travel piece is something you should prep ahead of time! Load it all up in a smell-proof bag or container, and you’re good to go!

This doesn't have to be difficult. Especially with all of the options out there! Let alone using bubble wrap or a smell-proof Ziploc as a modern option. Here are some top reviewed bags. Hey, just because it's a special holiday, doesn't mean you should necessarily go out in public smelling like the Ghost of 4/20’s Past.

Personal Pocket Case

If you're on the go for 4/20, Vatra DDK has an all-in-one case that is two levels ("double decker") and literally has a patented design with smell proof technology. It's a fan favorite, to say the least. They worked really hard to make it small enough to fit in pockets / secret spots and customizable for the items you like to bring to your 4/20 celebration.

They did this by creating multiple compartments for everything you might need to carry inside the pocket case with a barrier in the middle so nothing spills or hits anything on the other side. Claimed to be 100% smell proof! With cool pockets and pouches that stretch to fit your various smoking goodies, this is a high-quality, easy to use option. It even has a key-lock!

420 Games! founder, Jim McAlpine, created an awesome ski and snowboarding brand. He also created an event called the 420 Games that encourages people to get over the myth that all smokers do is laze around and munch on Doritos. He, along with other active smokers who suffer from disorders like ADHD, social anxiety, or chronic pain, find that smoking helps them to get out and get active!

This event denounces negative media propaganda and the ideas that people have that smoking equals apathy. These guys love spreading their truth: that so many people use edibles and smoking to lead healthy and productive lives.

Smokers with success stories like Kyle Kingsbury, former Arizona State University football player and MMA fighter, who is a 420 Games sponsored player that leads a lifestyle of healing and athleticism. And we all know about the famed Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps, that the 420 Games mentions as a great example of a world class athlete who smokes as well.

What to Expect at the 420 Games

By now, the fact that people from all walks of life use herbs to fix what ails them should be common knowledge. But smokers can be active too! This is the big message of the 420 Games. It is to squash bad press that active people to athletes or professionals to high-level executives don’t have use for the stuff. A few events at the Games include bike races, golf tournaments, and an appropriate 4.20-mile run!

Sports, activity, and healthy habits are observed by smokers all day, every day! Join the 420 Games to compete in athletic activities and have fun in the sun with other like-minded peeps.

No matter what you do this 4/20, live well and prosper. And smoke it up somewhere awesome! Let us know what you need to prepare and buy early to prepare! Also, buy tickets for the event you plan to attend and arrange lodging and transportation early - especially if you're headed out of town. And if you know of an awesome event we didn't list - let us know! What are YOUR plans this 4/20??? Tell us on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter!