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Rolling Paper Dimensions

Both the length and the width of cigarette rolling papers are variable. The dimensions of the rolling paper affect the smoking experience insofar as, obviously, a longer or wider rolling paper is able to contain more tobacco. The width of a paper is a measurement of the distance from the edge that is to be sealed to the opposite edge. With each brand of rolling paper the size might change, but we can cover the most popular sizes in the Rolling Paper Sizes article and the information below!

Rolling Paper Size Comparison Chart

In general, there are four widths of rolling paper available: single-wide, 1 1/4, 1 1/2, and double-wide. The number does not refer to inches or centimeters, but to the amount of tobacco that can be contained within a cigarette rolled from the paper. A single-wide rolling paper can contain about as much tobacco as a normal cigarette a bit less if it is rolled with much overlap. A 1 1/4 size rolling paper has room to contain 25% more than a single-wide paper; a 1 1/2 can contain 50% more than a single-wide; and so on.

Since the numbers do not directly correspond to a precise measurement, widths of papers can vary. Single-wide papers are generally from 1 1/2 to 1.7 inches (3.8 to 4.3cm) in width; 1 1/4 papers are from 1.7  to 2 inches (4.3 to 5 cm); 1 1/2 papers are from 2.4/ to 3 inches (6 to 7.6 cm); and double-wide papers are anywhere from 2.5 to 3.5 inches (6.3 to 9 cm). Occasionally these dimensions are referred to by other names for example, 1 1/4 papers are sometimes called "French size" or "Spanish."

With respect to rolling paper lengths, most single-wide rolling papers are about 2.75 to to 3 inches (about 70-76 mm) long. This corresponds roughly to the length of a manufactured cigarette, including the filter. "King-size," when describing a manufactured cigarette, usually means that the cigarette will be about 84mm long. When used in reference to rolling papers, however, "king-size" describes a paper of 100-110mm.

In general, when rolling cigarettes, single-wide, standard-length papers will be sufficient if the substance to be smoked is half a gram or less. It is possible to use wider papers in this situation, but this will result in some overlap. As a rule, the amount of tobacco or other substance to be smoked is the main concern when choosing a rolling paper width.

Many brands of rolling paper use fractions to indicate the size of their paper on their packaging.  However, the decimal terms 1.0, 1.25, 1.5 are trademarks used only by JOB to identify its distinctive blend of paper.  When buying JOB papers, be sure to check "Size" listed under "Product Specs" for accurate sizing.