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Rolling Paper Information

Rolling Paper Sizes

There are so many rolling paper sizes by so many manufacturers it can be very confusing. Here's the most comprehensive guide to the rolling paper sizes most brands use.

Information on Flavored Rolling Papers

Flavored rolling papers have been around for years. They've recently been banned for tobacco use, but they are legal for herbal uses. Learn a little about some of the best flavored papers in this informational article.

Information on Hemp Rolling Papers

Hemp is now the standard of production when it comes to rolling papers. Many people love hemp papers because they're natural and slow-burning. Here's some information about hemp rolling papers!

The History of Rolling Papers

There's a long history of rolling papers that dates back to the 1700s. There have been many blends made and people have smoked by experimenting with a lot of papers. Here's some more information on the history of rolling papers.

Keep Your Rolling Tobacco Fresh

Keeping your rolling tobacco fresh is important if you want to have your cigarettes burn slow and even. It's important to keep your tobacco moist and sealed! Here's a brief write-up of our tobacco fresh tips!

How to Roll Your Own Cigarettes

This is probably the most common question that we have with our customers. So many people want to switch over to RYO cigarettes, but they always want to know How to Roll Your Own Cigarettes! Here's a few tips:

Save Money by Rolling Your Own Cigarettes

You can Save Money by Rolling Your Own Cigarettes! The average cost of a cigarette from a major brand is nearly 40 cents! Roll your own cigarettes for about 10 cents! Here's some more information:

Herbs and Rolling Papers

There is a lot of talk in the news lately about medical Herbs. Our products are intended solely for legal use. Medical Herbs and Rolling Papers have always gone hand in hand.

Menthol Rolling Papers

Since the FDA has made flavored rolling papers illegal for tobacco, there has only been one flavor that survived! Menthol Rolling Papers are still legal for use with tobacco and also legal for herbal use.

Rolling Paper Alternatives and Substitutes

There are a ton of Rolling Paper Alternatives and Substitutes available including vaporizers, e-cigars, pipes, and bongs! We have all the information you need if you're looking to make the switch!

Rolling Paper Dimensions

Learn about the sizes and dimensions of the most common rolling papers.

Rolling Papers vs Cones

Many people don't know the difference between Cones and Rolling Papers. In fact, many people have never even heard of a "cone". Here's information on the differences. Rolling Papers vs Cones:

The Slowest Burning Cigarette Papers

It's important to get rolling papers that burn slowly so you get the most out of your tobacco cigarettes.

The Best Materials for Rolling Papers

The The Best Materials for Rolling Papers vary from wood pulp, rice paper, and hemp!

Why are Zig Zag Papers so Popular?

Why are Zig Zag Papers so Popular? It's a very well-known brand and they're popular because they're always reliable!

Cheap Rolling Papers

Buying Cheap Rolling Papers online isn't hard to do if you can find the right online shop. Rolling papers already save most smokers money because they're cheaper than buying cigarettes, but saving even more is possible if you know where to look!

Long Rolling Papers

Are you looking for really long rolling papers? The common term for these papers is "King Size". However, there is only one size bigger!

Custom Rolling Papers

Custom rolling papers are a great idea to promote your business, but we have another solution that might work even better! Doob Tubes and Cones

Growing Tobacco with Hydroponics

If you're saving money by rolling your own cigarettes it might be a good idea to consider using hydroponics to grow your own tobacco and save even more!

The RPD Motto

Rolling Paper Depot is the leading retailer of smoking papers online for good reason. We're the best at what we do and our customers love us!

Recommend Rolling Paper Depot to Your Friends

Recommend Rolling Paper Depot to Your Friends! We love to hear great feedback from our customers and we want you to tell your friends. Here are some great ways to recommend us online.

How to Smoke for Just Pennies

Learn how to Smoke for Just Pennies.

4 Reasons You Should Be Smoking All Natural

The days of Zig Zags and Top papers are over. Or should be in our opinion. Problem is, no one will tell us what's in them! They're some sort of unpalatable blend of wood, bleach, and other stuff pressed down to make a rather thick cigarette paper.

Why are There White Spots on My Wraps!?

Did you open your blunt wraps and find them to have white spots on them? Don't panic! It might be okay.

The Debate Around Electronic Cigarettes

There's a lot of talk about electonic cigarettes these days. We don't carry these products on our site, but we do give you some insight on the hype.

Dispensary Products

As of 2010, herbs is now legal for medical purposes in fifteen of the United States, as well as in the District of Columbia.

Keep Tobacco Fresh in the Freezer

If you're looking for a great way to keep your tobacco fresh over a long period of time, you might try the freezer. 

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What Your Rolling Papers Say About You

You can tell a lot about a person by the type of papers they use. Find out what your rolling papers say about you.