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What Your Rolling Papers Say About You

Anyone who smokes knows that the traditional method is rolling paper, and if nothing else probably has at least a few stashed in the case of a spontaneous smoke session. Rolling papers have been used to smoke for more than just a few decades. And now, more than ever, with legal herbs and an increasingly diverse market of smokers, we are seeing rolling paper options of all kinds: traditional, 24 karat gold, cones, transparent, hemp, raw natural, ultra thin, foreign-made, printed graphic papers, single wide, and more. You name it, someone probably makes it.

Most smokers prefer a certain rolling paper. Read on to find out what your rolling papers say about you...

Should you find it inaccurate or have something to add, be sure to comment and let us know what you think!

Zig-Zag Rolling Papers


This orange box is a classic for smokers everywhere. Zig Zag rolling papers are from France and are made of wood pulp and flax. They have been around since 1882 when they built their first production plant, and by 1984 they perfected the interleaving rolling paper pack that we've all become familiar with. This is where they got the name "Zig Zag" - because of the zigzag alternating packaging process. Zig Zag papers are notoriously thick - one of the thickest papers out there!

Here's the long and short of zigzag rolling papers. The guy who is featured on the Zig Zag packs is a 19th century French soldier nicknamed Zouave, who had his pipe broken by a bullet that was shot at him in the battle of Sevastopol in the Crimean War. Frustrated and needing a smoke, he rolled tobacco into a piece of paper that was torn off of a bag of gunpowder. Someone at Zig Zag thought that was pretty sweet and decided to ensconce his image on a pack of rolling paper for all time.

If you smoke Orange Zig-Zags: You are young at heart, but have an old soul. You appreciate "oldies, but goodies" and are a traditional person as far as brand equity is concerned. You are most likely into classic rock. If you smoke commercial cigarettes or ever did, they were probably Marlboro Reds. You know what you like and are dedicated to what works for you. You appreciate quality and consistency, and like what you like no matter what anyone says.

Big Bambu Rolling Papers

Big Bambu

When Cheech & Chong released their second album (Big Bambu) in 1972, they made a famous move by throwing in a huge rolling paper with the record sleeve. Big Bambu has been popular with smokers ever since! If Cheech & Chong didn't make smoking and rolling your own popular before, they really made it a hit with the release of their album complete with a HUGE rolling paper!

Bambu is literally one of the "World's 1,000 Oldest Companies", having been established in Spain in 1764. Their ingredients were natural (specifically the gum sealer on their papers), and people around the world have loved the brand and its papers since the 18th century! The sealer is made out of African Acacia gum to this day, which is a chemically free substance that contains no additives. Interestingly enough, if you are watching your calories, this may be the paper for you... they have none! Sometimes sealer gum can contain additives, including calories from sugar. Bambu's papers also have no taste, which is awesome, because you can simply roll up your favorite stuff, sit back, and taste that great taste you love without it being tainted!

If you smoke Big Bambu: You may be a party animal! You think of smoking as a fun social activity with friends or whoever is around. You are funny and comedic in nature and know how to enjoy a party. You can even be the life of the party once you are good and ready. You like to smoke recreationally and desire the most out of everything you do, even if it is in the form of a rolling paper! After all, if you didn't go all out with what you do, you wouldn't get the full effect, and that's just not your style. You tend to over-indulge when appropriate and are definitely a charismatic, fun-loving individual.

Clear Rolling Papers

Clear Rolling Papers

Clear rolling papers were ALL the rage about a decade or so ago. Smokers love them because they can see what they're smoking. Clear papers are thick, and despite what you may have heard, are made up of plant cellulose - even if it looks like you're smoking straight up plastic.

People roll with clear papers for a number of reasons. They don't have the same paper taste that you may experience when smoking traditional rolling papers. A lot of people have a much easier time rolling cigarettes with clear papers because they are a little bit stickier. The burn of a clear cigarette is much more even and burns slower than traditional papers.

If you smoke Clear Rolling Papers: You have a unique personality and a knack for style. You like to be original in all that you do - from activities to clothes to movies and music. Your friends would say you are one-of-a-kind. You are always trying the latest fads and aren't afraid to voice your opinion on any topic! You get bored quickly with fading trends or doing the 'same old thing'. After all, variety is the spice of life! You have class and enjoy buying nice things. You can also tend to be emotional.

Hemp Rolling Papers

Hemp Rolling Papers

Hemp papers are super thin and natural rolling papers. They aren't dyed and have no tobacco in them (like blunts). Rolling papers made from hemp also burn lightly and don't have additives that make the taste different from the smoking materials you roll up.

RAW is at the top of the hemp rolling paper game. They are a company only about 5 years young, and are famous for their release of organic, vegan-friendly, non-GMO rolling papers. They also have a philanthropic bent with a focus on curing hunger and bringing clean water to areas like Africa and Indonesia with a portion of their profits.

If you smoke Hemp Rolling Papers: You are a hippie of your own time. You probably prefer hemp in other products like makeup, clothing, and lotions. You are probably vegan or vegetarian, or at minimum you buy only organic products at the grocery store. You have a passion for human rights, animal rights, and taking care of Mother Earth. Global warming and protecting the ozone may also be important for you. You may wear all natural deodorant from the local health-food store, and it may or may not work, but you don't care! You volunteer, and are extremely passionate about your chosen cause. This may be short term excitement, as new cause will assuredly arise. However, while the protest is going on, you're at the front of the line. You might wear Birkenstocks or Tom's. You're all natural and proud! Using organic products - including your rolling papers - is a super easy way to give our planet a break.