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We sell a lot of rolling papers in all sizes and colors. Throughout the years we have heard a lot of requests for "black" colored rolling papers. Because of the amount of ink that would be requires to dye the paper black, there has not been anything mass produced. There are very few options when it comes to rolling papers that are actually colored black. There are some rolling paper brands that manufacture a "black label" line, like the Smoking Master line of papers, but the color of the paper is white. The "black" reference has nothing to do with the color of the rolling paper, it is just a way to name the paper blend. This is also true for the Black Death papers and various other papers that mention "black".

Raw has recently released their "Raw Black Edition" rolling papers that are the thinnest paper on the market!

If you're interested in the idea of a black rolling paper, here are a couple products that you should check out:

Doobie Doodlers

Doobie Doodlers use food-grade ink to let you write on your hand-rolled cigs! Roll one up for your significant other and write a nice message on it as a surprise! Trust me, your partner will love it! Each pack of doodlers has 6 different colors and should give you plenty of artistic freedom to do something amazing! There are countless examples of people using these to make smokeable works of art. By the way, there's a black doodler in the pack if you're in a pinch to get a black paper.

Blakk Widow

As of 2014, there is officially a black paper and it even comes with a red wooden tip. To our knowledge, it is the only available black paper on the market. It is actually a pre-rolled cone. For those of you unfamiliar with this, pre-rolled cones are exactly what they sound like -- a pre-rolled paper cone that you just stuff with legal herbs or tobacco. It's super easy to use and there is no flavor associated with the paper. It's just black paper!

Want to try it? Check out the Cyclone Blakk Widow Pre-Rolled Cones! They're great for stuffing and fit perfectly in a Doob Tube!