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Growing Tobacco with Hydroponics

Growing Hydroponically

It's become a well know fact that commercially grown tobacco products like rolling tobacco, herbs, cigarettes, and cigars contain added toxins that are harmful when consumed. What if we told you there was a way to grow, harvest, and enjoy your favorite tobacco and herb products yourself, at home, without these added toxins? Are you saving money by rolling your own cigarettes? Well, if you grow your own tobacco hydroponically you can save even more!

There are many concerns when purchasing and using commercially grown tobacco products. The largest of these concerns, right up there with the ever-increasing cost, is the toxic chemicals used in tobacco production. In order for tobacco companies to produce enough tobacco to fulfill their demand, they have to maintain extremely large fields of tobacco plants. When tobacco plants are grown in large, dense quantities, they become susceptible to an array of pests and diseases that require the application of these toxic pesticides and fungicides.

Growing your own tobacco at home allows you total control of your tobacco related concerns. By growing tobacco, for personal use, you greatly minimize the number of tobacco plants required to fulfill your demand. As a result, you are lowering the odds of your tobacco plants becoming infested with pests or infectious diseases. You're also removing taxes, which are a large portion of the cost of retail tobacco products.

In order to grow tobacco in soil, you need a plot of land 3 to 4 square feet per plant. If you have a large garden, or backyard space you don't use, than you're set. If you don't have access to space outdoors, growing your tobacco indoors only requires room for a 5 gallon bucket per plant and 8-foot ceilings. There are many added benefits to growing your tobacco plants with a hydroponic system that you will want to consider. Hydroponically grown plants grow faster, produce higher yields, provide more control, and can be grown year round.

Now if you're thinking hydroponics systems are far too expensive and complicated for you, you're wrong. A simple deep-water culture (DWC) hydroponic system can be built for less than the price of a carton of name brand cigarettes, and is simple to maintain. All you need to build your DWC hydroponic system is a 5 gallon bucket, bucket lid, aluminum foil tape or spray paint, 1/2-inch PVC 90 degree angle, 5/8-inch neoprene grommet, inch diameter vinyl tube, air pump, air stone, net pot, and growing media. There is a large variety of growing medias for hydroponics, we suggest using a media that has some weight to it since tobacco plants grow to be 6 or 7 feet tall.

A simple deep-water culture system

With all the materials gathered, its time to build:

  • First, cut a circular hole in the bucked lid that you can place your net pot in, the lip on the pot should rest on the bucket lid all the way around.
  • Next, prepare the bucket by drilling a hole with a 5/8-inch hole-saw or spade drill bit as close to the bottom as possible, without damaging the bucket floor. Then, insert the neoprene grommet and 90 degree PVC, pointing the PVC towards the top of the bucket.
  • With PVC in place and the lid attached, it is time to lightproof your bucket in order to prevent the growth of algae and other unwanted root damaging fungi. To do this, you can either spray paint several coats of black over the outside of the bucket and lid or cover them with aluminum foil tape. Be sure not to get any paint or tape within the bucket. Stick your head in the bucket to ensure there is no area where light leaks though. If there is, cover it with another coat of paint or tape.
  • Now you can attach the vinyl tube to the 90-degree PVC and attach it to the top of the bucket. This gives you an easy way to see your water and nutrient level within your bucket.
  • The last step is to drill a small hole in the outer edge of the bucket lid to pass the air tube for your air stone though. Place your air stone so it sits flat on the bottom of the bucket, with a small amount of slack in the airline. Then place your air pump nearby, yet off the ground to ensure no water gets in your pump.

Your hydroponic DWC system is now ready for you to add your growth media, water, nutrients, and tobacco plant for growing. Be sure to keep your water level about 1 inch above the bottom of your net pot and to provide your tobacco plant with lots of light. In return, your tobacco plant will provide you with plenty of pure, toxin-free tobacco to harvest, cure, and enjoy at a fraction of the cost.  Grow your own tobacco and roll it in papers from the best site on the internet -- Rolling Paper Depot!