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How to Smoke for Just Pennies

Humans have been rolling plant material to smoke it for centuries, if not millennia. We know that tobacco was first cultivated as a domesticated crop in the Andes Mountains of South America since 3000 to 5000 BC.

But it was only since 1950 that smoking's effects on health began to be publicized and widely questioned. Around that time, the federal government in the United States started cracking down in the name of the people's safety. More and more laws and regulations and higher and higher taxes have been the norm ever since. In 1950, the average cost of a pack of cigarettes was only about 25 cents. Now, as of 2011, the average cost is approximately $4.90 across the US with the most expensive pack of cigarettes selling in New York for as much as $11.90!

But relax, there is something you can do about the governmental price gouging. And you can "stick it to the man" without agonizing over trying to quit something you genuinely enjoy. Even better, you can smoke cigarettes that are all-natural in composition with zero chemicals and are blended to your specific taste. Jackpot!

But what are the savings? Well, consider that the average cost of a pack of 24 papers is about $1.58. A rolling machine averages $3.98, and will last through rolling many packs of cigarettes. If you like a filtered smoke, 200 filters will set you back $2.05. And finally, you can get 60 cigs' worth of rolling tobacco for about five bucks (depending on what you buy and where you live).

The Man will demand a quarter or more for every cigarette you smoke. But you can roll 15-cent cigarettes while you watch your favorite TV show. That's almost half what you're paying Big Tobacco and Big Government and you don't get near the satisfaction, or additives, not to mention the custom blending!