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Keep Tobacco Fresh in the Freezer

Smokers have been storing tobacco and herbs in the freezer for a long time and a lot of people ask us if this is an effective way to keep product fresh and moist. The verdict is out on whether it is a good method. Smokers who defend using freezers for storage is that bulk or unopened tobacco will stay fresh in the freezer if untouched, and that this is great for a long-­term storage solution. People against the freezer method say that this will dry out your product and make it lose both its flavor and any added ingredients. In addition, people say that the light and ‘activity’ of opening and closing of the freezer door will cause herbs or tobacco to lose potency due to stress on the plant.

Whether freezing works or not, or whether it is a matter of personal preference and conditional, it is highly debated. More smokers agree the freezer isn’t the best spot to keep any herbs. However, some people swear by it! And freezing probably works for some – maybe they have a dark freezer in their basement that no one uses. Maybe freezing works for their particular custom blend and they’ve never encountered a dry leaf by storing it in the freezer...

Well we’re here to give you both sides’ major points! So read on!

Why Did People Start Freezing Tobacco and Herbs?

Before rolling tobacco and herbs were largely popular, smokers didn’t exactly want everyone in their household getting a strong smell of their herbs of choice. Now that more and more people roll their own cigarettes using tobacco and herbs, it’s not such a big deal. However, before it was popular, people stored their herbs in the freezer to eliminate the smell. And maybe even to keep it out of sight from a spouse or parent. Basically, the main thought process is that freezing something – like the cryogenic freezing of a person – will keep tobacco and herbs alive forever.

Bulk and Long-Term Storage In the Freeze

Large amounts of tobacco and herbs fair best in the freezer, says the majority of smokers. This is intended for not only bulk amounts of herbs and tobacco, but also amounts that you know will be storing there for a fairly long time. The defrosting process isn’t intended for those who smoke everyday – therefore freezer storage is a bit harsh for stash to be smoked in the near future or often.

Main Message: Freezers are for the long haul! Storing tobacco and herbs in the freezer is ideal for large amounts that will not be used for a few months or more.

Storing Tobacco In the Freezer

Carefully storing tobacco or herbs is crucial if you’re going to freeze it, so make sure you have a well-­sealed or vacuum-­packed bag or container -- We recommend cvault jars usually, but there are a lot of products that will work.  A Zip-Loc bag will NOT work as humidity usually leaks out.  Like anything else you keep in the freezer, tobacco and herbs are no exception to freezer burn... And freezer burn will pretty much ruin the product, as the oil and ingredients can completely dry out with no hopes to get it back.

Freezer Myths Debunked: Why NOT to Freeze

Many smokers admit to having stored their precious herbs in the fridge or freezer at least once – but not there is an overwhelming amount of people who say that it’s not a good idea for storage. Freezing can dry out the oils and ingredients of tobacco and herbs over time. This theory debunks the claim that freezing is best for long­term storage of product.

Storing Advice: ‘Cool and Dark

According to many smokers, freezing is bad for a few reasons. Tobacco and herb products don’t like blistering cold – they are best stored in cool and dark areas. People say that in a nice climate it’s fine to store herbs in a drawer, a brown paper bag, or even the fridge – so long as it is well sealed and not getting a lot of light or activity. Even the fridge is fine – but most people use their fridge a lot, causing a lot of light exposure and activity. In this case a fridge isn’t ideal.

With a freezer being as cold as it is, anything sticking to the tobacco or herbs will freeze like icicles and break off – eliminating any active ingredients, flavor a lot of the time, and if you have to defrost the product for a quick smoke, you’re losing even more quality, moisture, and freshness.

Cool Fact: If you’ve ever seen fresh green leaves turn completely purple after being stored in the freezer or in cold weather, then you are seeing a sign of stressed leaves. They turn purple in the cold due to nutrient flow being inhibited – having to do with plant biology properties.

Basically, if you don’t use an airtight container or keep tobacco and herbs in the freezer for too long, a freezer naysayer will tell you that the freezer isn’t a good idea. Tobacco and herbs are often compromised in this environment ­ the quality is worse, the product will be dried out and probably even weigh less, and will not be moist or fresh no matter what you try to fix it.

There is a hung jury out there regarding freezer storage for rolling tobacco and herbs. Some people are stuck in their ways or have had luck storing their stash in the freezer, and there’s nothing wrong with that! It seems that more smokers are finding so many great alternatives to using the freezer – that work better to preserve their product – that they would NEVER let their leaves see the inside of a freezer.

Let us know what your thoughts are... Is storing in the freezer an idea that has gone up in smoke??