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The Roll-Your-Own Smoker’s Guide to Menthol Cigarettes

Whether you’re new to the smoking community or have been a smoker for awhile, you’ve probably tried or at the very least heard of menthol cigarettes. Introduced in the early 20th century, the idea of adding mint to cool the harshness of smoking has been a popular alternative to non-flavored smoking ever since. While some smoking purists may find the added flavor distracting, many find menthol flavoring to be a nice addition to their traditional smokes. Menthol differs from other flavorings used to create flavored rolling papers in that, while many flavors are artificially synthesized, raw menthol can be obtained from peppermint — that is to say, although it can be synthesized, menthol is also a naturally occurring compound.

What Brings You to the Smoker's Guide to Menthol Cigarettes?

What brings you to the smoking guide to menthol cigarettes?

The History of Menthol Flavored Rolling Papers

The Alcoy region in Spain has been producing paper products since 1154, and the craft continues there to this day, albeit with modern mechanization to streamline the process, resulting in a high degree of consistency. Due to this tradition, Spain became one of the leading locales of rolling paper production. In fact, as early as the 18th century, “Barcelona paper” was a common term for rolling papers. Many of the most visible brands to this day are manufactured in Spain. However, to find the origins of menthol flavored papers, we have to look to nearby France, where the centuries-old Rizla company introduced strawberry flavored papers in 1906. Menthol cigarettes didn't come along until 1924, and took a few years to gain a foothold in the global market.

Throughout the 20th century, menthol smoking products gained immense popularity. In recent years, however, they’ve come under increased scrutiny from anti-smoking advocates concerned about the appeal of flavored tobacco products to youth and inexperienced smokers. Obama-era legislation banned candy and fruit flavored tobacco and clove cigarettes. The reasoning behind the legislation was that such products were aimed at children and would tend to increase smoking among the youth, and that these products had a sort of "gateway" effect, leading those who would not normally try tobacco to smoke it for the first time, leading to addiction and health problems. The ban was backed by a study showing that smokers under the age of 17 were about three times as likely to use flavored tobacco products as those over the age of 24. Despite this, menthol rolling papers, and menthol cigarettes, were left untouched by the new restrictions.

The Best Menthol Rolling Paper Smoking Brands

If you’re looking for an easy way to incorporate a little more flavor into your rolling routine, Rolling Paper Depot’s got you covered with our assortment of the best mint rolling papers from time-tested, affordable brands. They’ll roll easily, burn consistently, and satisfy with the cooling sensation of mint.

First up, let’s look at some of the products on tap from Juicy Jay’s, which markets themselves as “fully-flavored” because the entire paper is dipped in flavor, rather than just along the binding gum strips along the edge. Juicy Jay’s Cool Jays 1 ¼” are the perfect starter menthol paper, or a reliable go-to for the initiated. The idea is to deliver a mouth-watering sensation for the smoker.These rolling papers are flavored using Juicy Jay’s triple-dip system for robust, satisfying flavor every time. Their Super Fine 1 ¼” - Greenleaf is designed to deliver an extra-minty hit of fresh flavor. It’s a part of Juicy Jay’s “Super Fine” lineup, which is so named because its papers are made of a very time hemp paper to keep the smoking experience as pure as possible. They’re even packaged in a special protective cello pack to keep moisture out. Likewise, Juicy Jay’s Green Trip - Mentholicious 1 ¼” is another great choice for someone looking for a full-on minty fresh flavor sensation with their smoking experience. One lick of the rolling paper and your tongue will come alive, one drag and your lips will feel the chill.

Skunk Brand is, like Juicy Jay’s, another paper label hailing from the distinguished region of Alcoy, Spain. According to its creator, Orion, whenever he’d roll his own smoke, folks would pinch their noses and ask him to put it out. Feeling like a skunk, he decided to embrace it, and gave his company its unusual but endearing name. Skunkalicious 1 ¼” - Mentholated papers are made to burn slowly for a lingering, luxurious smoke session. They’re made of pure hemp, and allow you to have the time to savor some quality flavor — perhaps even with a few friends.

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Juicy Jay Cool Jays rolling papers, roll your own menthol cigarette image

Skunkalicious Mentholated rolling papers. Roll your own menthol cigarettes image

The Best Menthol Cigarette Tube Smoking Brands

Menthol cigarette tubes provide even greater ease of use than our rolling papers — most of the work is already done for you. And in this case, that includes the addition of a pleasing menthol sensation. You only have to bring a rolling machine and your own favorite blend of tobacco or other filler to the mix.

Zen Menthol Cigarette Tubes are the same length and shape of a manufactured cigarette. If you want to make your own smokes at home but aren’t necessarily looking for the hand-rolled look and feel, these are a great entry point into the field of cigarette tubes! Likewise, the Beretta Menthol King Size tubes feature a slick, attractive black-on-white design with extra length for a heavier payload. They’re easy to use with a 17mm perforate filter for a light draw, and are available from Rolling Paper Depot in a 1000 count set for maximum value. If you’re looking for a little extra menthol potency, the standard-size (100mm) Rollo Green Tubes include a 25mm filter for an extra smooth hit. They’ll burn smoothly and evenly, and the Green variant has been designed to deliver a strong and refreshing minty flavor.

Beretta Menthol Tubes. Roll your own menthol cigarettes image

Roll green tubes. Roll your own menthol cigarettes image

The Best Mint Pre-rolled Cone Smoking Brands

Let’s say you don’t have a rolling machine, but you’re still looking for a convenient way to take advantage of mentholated rolling papers. Pre-rolled menthol cones might be just the ticket — simple and effective. You won’t have to worry about a sloppy roll with these, which are easy to hand-pack with the ground filler of your choice.

The Cyclones line of pre-rolled clear cigar tubes are a unique take on this kind of product. Right off the bat, you’ll notice they’re transparent — that’s because unlike paper cones, these are made from a unique blend of cotton cellulose, glycerin, and water. Why the Space Age technique? Well, they burn much slower than cigarette paper as a result, so they’re great for longer burn sessions: they’re most suited for use as mint blunt wraps. And their “Chill” assortments come in several different, subtle mentholated flavors. The Cyclone Clear Chill Reds have a slightly spicy flavor, like cinnamon candy. The Cyclone Clear Chill Blues, as you might imagine, are wintery, with a stronger mint presence. Finally, the Cyclone Clear Ice Dreams feature a lighter minty fresh presence than the blues, which should pair nicely with whatever filler you pack it with.

 Cyclone Chill Red Cigar Tube, roll your own menthol cigarette image

Cyclone Pre Rolled Chill Blue Cigar Rube, Roll Your Own Menthol cigarette image

Cyclone Pre Rolled Cigar Tube Ice Dream, roll your own menthol cigarette image

The Best Menthol Filter Tip Smoking Brands

We’ve talked plenty about the various types of paper available with menthol flavor, but we’d be remiss not to mention the entire world of menthol filter tips out there. Many menthol enthusiasts appreciate how its cooling properties reduce the harshness of traditional smoking, and filters are particularly effective at cutting down on that, and contributing to a lighter smoking sensation overall. Subpar filters can reduce the amount of draw, making the cigarette feel overpacked even when it isn’t. Rolling Paper Depot’s brands won’t do that to you — these menthol filters will preserve a smooth, easy user experience.

Zen Menthol Filters pack a punch of menthol flavor, and have developed a fan following of enthusiasts who swear by them. In addition to standard size, Zen produces slim and super-slim menthol tip variants. If you prefer to roll your smokes tight, the Zen Slim or Zen Super Slim filters might be the way to go. No matter which works best for you, though, Zen’s filters strike a great balance between too much and not enough menthol flavor, so it will cool but won’t overpower the natural flavor of what you’re smoking. And the filters serve another purpose — keeping any of your filler from getting into your mouth, which is one all-too-common way of harshing a smoker’s mellow.

Zen Filter Menthol Tips Image

Zen Super Slim Filter Menthol Tips Image

FAQ: Menthol Rolling Papers

Q1: Can I roll my own menthol cigarettes?

Many smokers are familiar with menthol cigarettes produced through manufactured means, often promoting the menthol aspect through things like a “crush” filter to customize the amount of menthol flavoring. But home-rollers can, in fact, make their own menthol cigarettes using a basic rolling technique:

How to roll your own menthol cigarette

  1. Find a good, clean and well-lit workspace and spread your smoking product (as much as you’ll want to consume) out evenly on the surface.
  2. If it’s tobacco that needs to be seperated (torn apart or “un-clumped” from how it’s packed in its bag), do so now. It just has to be loose enough that it will spread out evenly inside the wrap.
  3. Now, grab your rolling paper sheet. You’ll want to hold it in your dominant hand, folding it with your thumb against your index and middle fingers so that it makes kind of a curved chute. This will keep it firm as you add the weight of the filler (like how folding a pizza keeps it from flopping down).
  4. Add your smoking product to the rolling paper. Try to sprinkle it in evenly and don’t over-pack it — you’ll want it to still permit good airflow once it’s fully rolled. Besides, if it’s overstuffed, it won’t close and seal right. Don’t be afraid to fill it right up to the edge and leave a little hanging off, even; that way, you won’t end up with a quarter-inch of paper at the ends.
  5. If you’ve got a filter, you can add it now to where your thumb has been.
  6. Once your smoking product is evenly distributed across your paper, hold both ends down with your thumb (as in Step 3, just on both sides). Use your middle fingers to lightly fold up the rear (“hot dog-style,” as they’d say in elementary school).
  7. Gently rub/roll the paper and product between your thumbs and middle fingers. You’ll feel as the product gets sort of settled in, further distributing the contents evenly.
  8. Pull your thumbs down so that the top of the side of the paper closest to you lines up with the top of the smoking product. This next part can be a little tricky, so don’t get discouraged if it takes a few tries to get a feel for it: use your thumbs to tuck that paper edge around the tobacco or smoking product, so that you’ve formed a roll.
  9. Once you’ve got the tobacco wrapped around completely, lick the exposed edge of the paper like you’re licking an envelope, and seal it around the roll you’ve made. Press along the edge to complete the seal, firmly but without applying so much pressure you overpack or crush the cigarette.
  10. Bam! You’ve done it. Go ahead, light it up and enjoy.

Q2: Is there menthol rolling tobacco?

There sure is menthol rolling tobacco! It’s available bagged from numerous menthol rolling tobacco brands, just like unflavored tobacco. While the FDA announced its intention, in 2018, to outlaw menthol cigarettes in accordance with a broader federal push against flavored tobacco products, it later changed its position to advocating that flavored products be placed in a separate age-restricted room. The FDA stated it had come to believe it didn’t have the authority to declare a ban unilaterally. So, at least for the foreseeable future, mentholated rolling tobacco isn’t going anywhere. If have unflavored tobacco that you’d like to add a little menthol flavoring into the mix directly, menthol drops like Juicy Jay’s Cool Jay Juicy Drops. Every bottle contains just about 420 drops, so it’ll provide plenty of bang for your cooling buck!

Q3: What materials are menthol rolling papers made out of?

Like all rolling papers, the underlying paper is made from non-wood plant fibers like hemp or rice straw. Rolling paper has to be different from, say, the regular paper you write on, in that it needs to burn consistently and evenly. It’s permeable, so that a high amount of air flows through it with each inhalation. Menthol is then applied to the rolling paper as flavoring, and can be derived either through artificial synthesization or extracted from peppermint.

Q4: What sizes do menthol rolling papers come in?

Menthol rolling papers can be found in as wide a variety of sizes just like their unflavored rolling paper cousins. The most common rolling paper sizes include a “single-wide” (1 ½” - 1 ¾”), a “double-wide” (2 ½” - 3 ½”), and “king Size” (1 ½ - 2 ¼”). At Rolling Paper Depot, we’ve got a wide selection of menthol rolling papers and tubes to suit your individual smoking preference!


Menthol and smoking goes way back, and rolling your own smokes go back even further. That being the case, it’s little wonder there’s such a wide variety of products on offer to suit the individual tastes of the smoker who’s looking for a minty, refreshing alternative to the traditional smoking sensation. Hopefully, this guide has helped clear up any confusion you might have had about the terms and techniques available to enjoy the cooling sensation of these products.

Whatever you prefer to smoke, if you’re crafting your own smokes, Rolling Paper Depot’s got you covered. So check out our entire assortment of menthol-enhanced rolling papers, tubes, and filter tips you can use to enhance your next smoke session or cigarette!