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Rolling Papers vs Cones

RAW Pre-Rolled Cone 1 1/4 If you're not used to rolling but still want to buy rolling tobacco, or want to ingest your legal smoking herbs in cigarette form, you might consider rolling cones. Although cones are a bit more expensive than rolling papers, they can be bought in almost any quantity. Although many purists prefer rolling papers, there are some benefits of pre-rolled cones.

First, with pre-rolled cones, it is easier to make sure that every cigarette rolled is the same. In the case of legal smoking herbs, this can be helpful, since you will probably want to control the amount of your dosage. For someone who is not used to rolling cigarettes, on the other hand, the results can be quite uneven. Pre-rolled cones can also be ideal for those suffering from joint pain. Rolling a cigarette is a delicate and exact process, and can be difficult for someone with mild or severe arthritis. Since many of those suffering from arthritis smoke herbs, cones can be a real help.

On the other hand, there are some definite benefits to learning to use rolling papers. An expert roller can roll cigarettes with a uniformity rivaling or even surpassing the uniformity that is achievable by using pre-rolled cones used in high volume use. With papers, too, you can roll the cigarette to the dimensions you want. And from an aesthetic perspective there is a certain amount of art and tradition that goes into constructing a well-rolled cigarette from nothing more than a pinch of tobacco and a rolling paper. It's true that it will take a certain amount of practice, and that your first cigarettes are likely to be loose, uneven, and just plain ugly, but a well-rolled cigarette is something you can take a certain pride in.

If you do decide to learn how to roll cigarettes yourself, it might be a good idea to buy some cones too, and smoke one rolled cigarette for every three cones you smoke. That way, you'll get some practice without wasting too much of your tobacco or herbs on poorly-rolled cigarettes. You may also want to consider getting a rolling machine. These machines are inexpensive, simply constructed (often made from no more than a piece of canvas and a couple of plastic rollers), and easy and quick to use. This way you can get uniform, neatly rolled cigarettes without paying the extra money for cones.

To use a rolling cone, follow these steps:

1. Set aside the tobacco or medical herbs that you want to use

2. Stuff it in the cone

3. Pack it gently (not too tight) using a pen or another tamping device

4. Twist the wide end of the cone to close it up

5. You're done!