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The Debate Around Electronic Cigarettes

Smoking a vape

The Transition to Smoke-less

There has been a large and vocal movement against smoking going on in the United States for the last few decades. Much research has condemned the use of traditional tobacco cigarettes. As a result, smoking cessation aids and "healthy" smoking products have flooded the market and gained rapid popularity.

The E-Cigarette Advantage

Electronic cigarettes are one such product that have taken the smoking world by storm in recent years. There are dozens upon dozens of models from which to choose. Responding to the rise in global demand, manufacturers have produced charging adapters for any outlet in any country in the world.

Traditional cigarette smokers who have made the switch like the electronic cigarette because it provides the nicotine they crave as well as the simulation of the physical act of smoking a regular tobacco cigarette. But electronic cigarettes offer so much more. Many people appreciate the numerous benefits of e-cigs such as smoking water vapor instead of actual smoke, the availability of a variety of flavored smoking cartridges, the ability to smoke indoors, the fact that recharging is only necessary once every two days, the absence of offensive odors, the discreetness of the device, its reusable nature, and annual cost savings.

No paper is burned and inhaled, and the "smoke" is atomized into a vapor containing only water, the nicotine compound, and flavor. E-cigarettes are an important tool for those interested in quitting smoking because cartridges can contain a progressively lower amount of nicotine or none at all, yet still give the sensation of smoking a cigarette.

Opponents of The Electronic Cigarette

Many opponents of smoking argue against electronic cigarettes because they are still a health hazard much like tobacco cigarettes. The flavored nicotine cartridges are also at the mercy of ever changing laws and ongoing lawsuits. Research on the long term effects of electronic cigarettes is lacking because they are so new to the market (the modern version we know and love today was only invented in 2003!). And some health studies find e-cigarettes to be toxic, while other find them to be safer than real cigarettes. Parents, of course, have expressed their concerns that their children might be drawn to electronic cigarettes because they resemble a toy and come in delicious flavors that appeal to kids.

Only time will resolve the debate surrounding e-cigarettes. For now, roll your own cigarettes and electronic cigarettes are two terrific alternatives to those high prices and outrageous taxes the government and big cigarette manufacturers are constantly forcing down our throats.