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Why are There White Spots on My Wraps!?

We know the feeling. You get your shipment in the mail. You're excited to fire up! You unwrap all of your new goodies like a little kid on Christmas morning. Only to realize...your wraps might be damaged! What the heck are those white spots on my Zig Zags?!

Have no fear…quite yet. Calm down and read this first. It will help you determine whether your smokes are truly damaged or if they are salvageable.

You can relax by knowing that not all wraps will surprise you by having some spots. However, spots can show up on the product and it is not at all uncommon. This is perfectly normal.

Inspect the Wrap

Now, look at the leaves very closely. Are they white? Or are they bluish greenish in color? Can you wipe the spots off or does it stubbornly stick to the leaf? Once you brush it off, does it leave a sort of stain? When you roll and light an empty wrap and take a puff, does it taste fresh and heavenly or old and stale?

Plume is a fairly common phenomenon in the world of tobacco. You can find plume on finely aged cigars and tobacco wraps. Plume is perfectly normal and a good sign of tobacco that has been aged in the perfect humidity and temperature. In most cases, you can brush off the spots and leave no residue behind. There should be no damage whatsoever to your leaf, and it will taste fresh and be very much enjoyable to smoke. Plume will appear whitish against the deep brown hue of your tobacco leaves.

How to Determine If There's Mold Damage

The tell tale sign of mold damage is the presence of blue green fuzz. Mold is using your tobacco as a food source, and some particles will stay fixed to the surface when you try to brush them off. The tobacco will taste stale or musty when smoked. If any leaves you receive from us have mold, do not smoke them. Snap a photo to send in. This way, we can get you out some replacements in a hurry and also alert the manufacturer to a potential widespread problem. Your fellow smokers will appreciate the help.

Of course, if you still have questions or are unsure of your findings, we are always here to help. You can also email a picture of what you've found. If you need us, we only a phone call or click away.