Paper Cones are by far the most popular cones in use today and are used with legal smoking herbs and tobaccos.  These cones make it quick and easy to fill a cigarette for smoking.  RAW cones are some of the most popular cones we carry because they are made up of pure hemp with no chemicals or additives.  In fact, RAW even makes a organic / vegan approved rolling paper!  J-Ware is another brand of cone we carry that has a natural, white look and burns slow and even.  These are a value-line of cones that compares to the Cones Brand.  Cones brand of cones are popular with many smokers because they have a nice flavor and even burn.   No matter what brand of cone you choose, Rolling Paper Depot only carries the highest quality products in the world.  You can rest assured that all the pre-rolled cones we have in stock will suit your needs perfectly.