Rolling your own cigarettes is all about choices. You choose the brand of paper, the type of paper, what filler you use, what kind of tips you use, and how tight or loose you want your smoke. You also get to choose the size, but what if you wanted more freedom then just single wide, 1 1/4, 1 1/2, king size, etc?

Then you need papers on a roll. Papers on a roll give you the same paper used by some of your most popular brands of rolling papers such as RAW, Rips, Smoking, Elements, and E-Z Wider! You get to choose exactly how long you want your smoke to be! Want an inch long smoke? It&#39s possible! A foot long? It&#39ll take practice, but it&#39s doable! Try out your favorite brand of rolling paper in the paper on a roll format. You won&#39t be disappointed.