We carry a wide selection of Regular Rolling Papers at RollingPaperDepot.com. Rolling papers are small sheets or leaves of paper that are sold for the purpose of rolling one’s own cigarettes by hand or with the use of a rolling machine. Rolling your own cigarettes has become a popular choice among smokers for a variety of reasons.
Whether it be the taxation of machine-made cigarettes or just a preference, the rolling paper community is thriving, with some even calling it the tobacco industry’s fastest growing segment. It allows for a more custom-suited smoke, giving you the ability to customize the cigarette for any blend, shape or size. Most rolling papers come in lengths of 70mm – 110mm with a variety of widths. They are most commonly made with wood pulp, hemp, flax or rice as a base material. The basic design of a single rolling paper is a long rectangle with a narrow strip of glue or gum all along one of the long edges to aid in sealing up the cigarette. Whatever you may be looking for, you will surely find it here!