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RAW Pin: Mini Josh


Quick Overview

RAW has released the limited edition Mini Josh pin! Take Mini Josh with you anywhere you can stick him! This will make a great collector's item.

The rules for using this pin are as follows:

  • I will not take mini Josh golfing. Golfing!? C'mon, man!

  • I will take pictures of mini Josh at clubs, bars, & concerts and tag them with #rawlife and #minijosh

  • Before bed i will tell mini Josh my hopes, dreams, and fears. Mini Josh is a great listener and grants wishes.

  • I understand that much like the benevolent Buddha, rubbing mini Josh's tummy is good luck. Rubbing real josh's tummy is not.

  • I understand that taking mini Josh camping is awesome. taking real Josh camping is kidnapping

  • I understand that mini Josh is made of metal and very durable. Go ahead, throw him around! he can take it. throwing real josh around is assault.