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Elements Cone Maker Kit

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Quick Overview

Elements Cone Maker Kit has the essentials you need to roll your own cones. Pre- rolled cones are nice but you don't get the same satisfaction of rolling your own cones, and you won't need any stinking loader to fill them, just roll it all up using the Elements Cone Roller. Within this bundle, you get a box of Elements Maestro pre-rolled cone tips that are tapered for a nice even product. Elements have got one of the most excellent papers on the market with their ultra fine rice papers. These bad boys have some serious tech involved. The papers have a patented patterning that keeps them burning slow and even, their rice papers also burn ash free and smoke so clean and we are giving you two packs of Elements King Size Slim. We also decided to toss in a Clipper lighter, did you know that all Clippers have a built in poker under the striker? Color of lighter will vary.

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