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Urban Wraps 1 1/2

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Quick Overview

In a world where smoking legal herbs have become more prevalent, there are a select few that can be defined by their discerning tastes and interest in discretion. For those of you that like to play their cards close, there is a new kind of wrap the aligns with this vision. Created by the founder of RAW in 1999, Urban Wraps 1 ½ are the papers of choice for the person that likes to smoke with discretion. Designed to look like a regular cigarette, Urban Wraps blend in well in a crowd or wherever you are hoping to keep your stealth smoking session a secret. So now you can smoke in style AND fly under the radar. With a 1 ½ size, Urban Wraps hold 50% more product than average rolling papers, which means you no longer have to make a choice between rolling a fat one or keeping it on the DL.