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Juicy Jay's Blueberry Sampler


Quick Overview

Juicy Jay's Blueberry Sampler is number one if you love blueberries. You get a good variety of different paper types and flavor densities. Juicy Jay's Blueberry Wraps will have the most flavor packed in its wraps. These come with two wraps per package. Juicy Jay's also has its King Size Blueberry papers that are triple dipped for full flavor these will roll up nicely in an 110mm rolling machine. Juicy also makes cones, and Juicy Jones Cones are easy to load if rolling isn't your specialty. Along with those scrumptious Juicy Jay's products, you get their Superfine Blueberry Hill papers that are also triple dipped but with a thinner paper, you get less flavor in your smokes and more on your lips.

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