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Blueberry Sampler


Quick Overview

The Blueberry Sampler is a mix of the top blueberry flavored wraps, papers, and cones. On the wraps, you have King Pins Blueberry Wraps that have a fold in just the right spot for easy rolling. For the Blueberry cones, you got Cyclone's Clear, and these are neat the cone is translucent with a flavored tip. And Juicy Jay's Blueberry Jones cones with their decorative paper with little berries printed on the papers, these cone also have a reusable wooden tip. With the 1 1/4 papers you get Blueberry Skunk, Juicy Jay's Blueberry, and the Juicy Blueberry Hill Superfine papers all the Juicy papers and cones are triple dipped for maximum blueberry flavor.

Bundle Includes:

King Pins Blueberry Wraps

Cyclone's Clear Blueberry

Juicy Jay's Blueberry Jones

Blueberry Skunk

Juicy Jay's Blueberry 1 1/4

Juicy Blueberry Hill Superfine

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