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Skunk Stink King Pack


Quick Overview

The Skunk Stink King Pack is perfect for hiding the sweet stink from those around you. You can pre-roll your cigarettes using Skunk King Size rolling papers and the Skunk Glass Tip. Toss them in the odor free Skunk Sack. Burn them down using one of the two STONED Clipper lighters.

This Stink King Pack includes two Packs of Skunk King Size Slim rolling papers that are crafted from pure hemp. Each leaf is high quality, slow burning and uses natural plant-based gum.

The Medium Skunk Sack is 4" x 6" and has an Extreme Double Zipper seal with UV blocking black bags you have the option of one bag or a pack of 12.

Stoned Clippers have a built in poker right underneath the flint n striker. The design on these Clippers will make you question sobriety. The Clipper lighters may vary.

The Skunk Glass Tip is perfect for catching material and providing clean, smooth smoke. It comes in a neat Aluminium capsule on a key ring so you shouldn't lose this one.