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Spring Cleaning Bundle


Quick Overview

Get ready to spring into action and do some major cleaning up with this handy and easy Spring Cleaning Bundle! Offering you precise cleaning with the I-TAL Swabbies cotton buds and the bristle Zen pipe cleaners, you can get into the hard to reach nooks and crannies of your smoking pipes to make them like new again. With Randy's Green Label cleaner, you can get a reusable glass cleaner that you simply need to soak your item in until sparkling clean! Finally, make sure that no odors are left in your place after you smoke from your glistening pipe with the PowAir Block Odor Neutralizer and Ozium Air Sanitizer. Or, if you prefer, avoid the odor altogether by utilizing the Smoke Buddy, which will filter your smoke to give clean air so those around you don't have to deal with the secondhand smoke. This bundle has everything you need to make your smoking sesh as clean as possible!

Bundle Includes:

Ozium Air Sanitizer scent may vary.