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Bob Marley - 1 1/4

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Quick Overview

Everyone remembers the first time they lit up to a Bob Marley song. Even if Bob is not part of your smoke ritual anymore, those fond memories are never too far from your mind - and now with Bob Marley Cigarette Papers, it is even easier to reconnect with our beloved Rasta prophet. Continuing Bob's legacy of bringing down Babylon with every smoke session, these 1 1/4 rolling papers are crafted with pure love. No addictive additives have been included, and no trees have been torn down in order to make these papers. With 15 different designs and ten famous quotations, every cigarette rolled is its own moment in time; a window which connects us to our true selves as well as the enduring legacy of peace and love brought about by the music of Bob Marley.


"If you know what life is worth, you would look for yours on Earth."

–– Bob Marley, Get Up Stand Up

"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. none but ourselves can free our minds."

–– Bob Marley, Redemption Song

"We know where we're going, we know where we're from."

–– Bob Marley, Exodus

"Open your eyes and look within. are you satisfied with the life you're living?"

–– Bob Marley, Exodus

"Overcome the devils... With a thing called love."

–– Bob Marley

"Won't you help to sing, these songs of freedom?"

–– Bob Marley, Redemption Song

"One good thing about music, when it hits you feel no pain."

–– Bob Marley, Trenchtown Rock

"Just can't live that negative way... Make way for the positive day!"

–– Bob Marley, Positive Vibration

"If puss and dog can get together, why can't we love one another?"

–– Bob Marley

"In this great future, you can't forget your past."

–– Bob Marley, No Woman No Cry