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RAW Classic King Size Slim

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Quick Overview

RAW Classic Kingsize Slim rolling papers were designed for smokers who enjoy an extended, all natural smoke. RAW Classics are the original and best high quality, naturally unrefined, rolling papers, made from plant fibers with a natural tree sap gumline! These papers are 110mm and come with 32 leaves per pack and 50 packs per box. Each leaf is watermarked with RAW's criss-cross steam imprint that helps prevent runs and maintain a smooth, even burn.
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  1. review by kyle on 8/2/2013

    I'm more of a tobacco wrap guy in the sense that I love big smokes, so I couldn't help but love these.

  2. review by Ryan on 4/12/2013

    This the Best paper I've ever used slow burning durable and no taste... Perfect

  3. review by grunge on 3/28/2013

    Big, good quality, thin and slow burning, long enough to fill enough and get a perfect smoke. My favorite papers, and a must have. 10/10

  4. review by Chase W. on 2/11/2013

    I have been using Raw Papers for about 2 1/2 now and have to say i love Raw because their such a smooth slow burning paper , everywhere I go, Filters, Papers, they be raw :) ... I also love the thin brown look on such a translucent paper that smokes so smooth cant get any better then raw. i would recommend to use raw over any other paper in this world. I also Got turned towards these papers a couple years ago because my favorite musician(Wiz Khalifa) used them and talks about them all the time thats how i was first introduced to them, and will stay with raw for the near future jus havent found anything better still to this day. I Also consider the King Size Slims, I find the King Size Slims to be the best suitable for me and every since i switched to raws I havent even thought about choosing another paper. One last thing i gotta say love the site you have every possible raw product and their at a very reasonable price so keep up the good work and thanks appreciate it very much.

  5. review by Mike Lopez on 1/7/2013

    These are some of my favorite papers. Until I started using these, my cigarettes would always run out of control. These burn evenly and without a lot of gnarly burnt paper taste. The ash is always minimal as well. Top them off with a RAW brand cone tip and you have yourself a great roll! Thanks RPD!!

  6. review by Azhar on 5/4/2012

    There are two types of paper in this world, RAW and everything else! The original raw papers are completely unique in that they do not bleach the hemp, causing for a smooth and very neutral taste, so you can fully enjoy the tobacco inside. I have never met a single person whom did not enjoy a proper raw paper, while they are a little harder to roll with due to being extremely thin, so I'd say if you are a first time roller I'd avoid these at least until you were a little better, but you owe it to yourself to at least try a RAW, you'll never go back!

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