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The Best Rolling Papers and Pre-rolled Cones for Smokers

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Rolling Papers vs. Pre-rolled Cones

If you're not accustomed to rolling your own cigarettes but still want to customize your smokes, you might consider rolling cones. Although cones are a little more expensive than rolling papers, they can be bought in almost any quantity and save smokers precious time and money. Although many purists prefer rolling papers, there are many benefits of pre-rolled cones.

First, with pre-rolled cones, it is easier to make sure that every cigarette is the same. In the case of legal smoking herbs, this can be helpful, since you will probably want to control the amount of your dosage. Even an experienced roller can have a hard time creating a pretty, lump-free cig and the results can be quite uneven. Pre-rolled cones are ideal because the result will (usually) always look the same and can be a good option for those suffering from joint pain and have issues with dexterity. Rolling a cigarette is a delicate and exact process, and can be difficult for someone with mild or severe arthritis. For those struggling to roll their herbs, cones can be a big help.

On the other hand, there are some definite benefits to learning to use rolling papers. An expert roller can roll cigarettes with a consistency rivaling that of pre-rolled cones. With papers, too, you can roll the cigarette to the dimensions you want. From an aesthetic perspective there is a certain amount of art and tradition that goes into constructing a well-rolled cigarette from nothing more than a pinch of tobacco and a rolling paper. It's true that it will take a certain amount of practice and that your first cigarettes are likely to be loose, uneven, and just plain ugly, but a well-rolled cigarette is something you can learn and take a certain pride in.

If you do decide to learn how to roll cigarettes yourself, it is a good idea to buy a few cones too, and smoke a pre-rolled cigarette for every three cones you smoke. That way, you'll get some practice without wasting too much of your tobacco or herbs on poorly rolled cigarettes. You may also want to consider getting a rolling machine, which is a nifty little gadget that will help turn your lumpy hand roll into a beautiful, ready to smoke cigarette. These machines are inexpensive, simply constructed (often made from no more than a piece of canvas and a couple of plastic rollers), and easy to use. This way you can get uniform, neatly rolled cigarettes without paying the extra money for cones.

Just like rolling papers come in a few different sizes, cones do too! The two main sizes are 1 ¼ and King Size. Pick up a pack of 1 ¼ pre-rolled cones if you’re looking to smoke alone, and a King Size cone if you’re planning to share with friends. Hemp cones are also a great choice for cone lovers to expand their smoking horizons.

What are the Best Kind of Papers and Pre-rolled Cones to Smoke?

Just like everyone has a favorite baseball team or flavor of ice cream, most smokers have a preferred brand of smoking accessories. While some less experienced smokers might not care about which brand of papers and cones they are smoking, the avid smokers know that three of the biggest players in the smoking game are RAW, ROOR, and Juicy Jay. Since everyone has different tastes and preferences, it’s hard to tell someone which flavor ice cream is the best (mint chocolate chip) but we can try to point you in the right direction.

RAW Pre-rolled Cones and Rolling Papers

If you’ve ever rolled your own cigs or used pre-rolled cones, chances are that you were using a RAW product. RAW is the go-to brand for many smokers due to the quality and variety of their products. RAW’s papers are vegan and made with acacia gum that is sustainably harvested. Known for it’s slow and even burn, RAW cones are a good choice if you prefer your cones not to canoe.

RAW has a variety of rolling papers and pre-rolled cones.

RAW Rolling Papers:

  • Raw Single Wide

    RAW Natural Single Wide: RAW is unlike anything you've tried before, but don't let our words convince you, try them yourself and see the difference RAW makes. The Raw Natural Single Wide papers are made from a natural unbleached blend of fibers, this rolling paper has a unique naturally brown hue and is almost transparent thanks to the thinness of the paper.

    Raw Rolling Papers

    RAW Black Papers KS: RAW Black is double pressed extra-fine for the thinnest, unbleached rolling paper ever made. This unique artisan paper is produced in Alcoy, Spain when the dry Valencian winds make humidity optimally low. The thinness of these RAW Black papers requires the deft hands of a true Rolling Master. See if you have the skills to roll along with the elite!

RAW Pre-Rolled Cones:

  • Raw Cones

    RAW pre-rolled cone 6pk: Raw products always consist of the best natural fibers to provide you with the highest quality in natural, unbleached, unrefined rolling papers available. Now RAW provides you with quality pre-rolled 1-¼ inch (79mm) cigarette cones so all you have to do is add your favorite flavor tobacco and enjoy.

    Raw Cones

    RAW King Size 50 pk: The RAW King Size pre-rolled cones are 109mm with a 26mm tip. The RAW pre-rolled cones save you time versus rolling your own cone which means you will be lighting up in no time. The cone shape lets more tobacco burn when first lit and less as you smoke it down. This means your first puff will taste the same as your last puff. All 50 cones are packed nice and neat in our plastic cylinder.

ROOR Pre-rolled Cones and Rolling Papers

Yes, that ROOR! The popular glass water pipe company, ROOR has expanded its smoking arsenal and also sells rolling papers and cones! Their rolling papers are available in two sizes, King Size, and 1 ¼, and come in either unbleached, rice, or hemp paper. The cones come in the same two sizes and rice or unbleached paper.

ROOR Rolling Papers

  • ROOR Unbleached Rolling Papers

    Unbleached Rolling Papers: The ROOR Unbleached Papers are pure natural rolling papers. ROOR Unbleached Papers give you a clean natural tasting smoke, which is light and pure. These papers are made from unbleached fibers, that are translucent natural light brown color. ROOR Unbleached Papers can be purchased in 1 1/4 size, or king size. Enjoy the light smooth flavor of the ROOR Unbleached Papers today!

    ROOR Rice Rolling Papers

    Rice Rolling Papers: ROOR Rice Papers provide a light, clean, extra slow burn. If you enjoy a nice even, slow burning paper, these are the papers for you! ROOR Rice Papers are made from all natural chemical-free rice paper. ROOR Rice Papers can be purchased in 1 1/4 size, or king size. Try one today and feel the difference!

ROOR Pre-Rolled Cones:

  • ROOR Unbleached Cones

    Unbleached Pre-Rolled Cones: These pre-rolled cones are a perfect example of their standing quality. With these pre-rolled cones, you can spend more time enjoying your favorite legal smoking herbs, and less time rolling. ROOR Unbleached Pre-Rolled Cones can be purchased in 1 1/4 size, or king size. Sit back and relax when you light up this pack of superb cones by ROOR!

    ROOR Rice Pre Rolled Cones

    Rice Pre-Rolled Cones: These pre-rolled cones are a perfect example of their standing quality and use of ROOR's wonderful pure rice paper! With these pre-rolled cones, you can spend more time enjoying your favorite legal smoking herbs, and less time rolling. ROOR Rice Pre-Rolled Cones can be purchased in 1 1/4 size, or king size. Sit back and relax when you light up this pack of superb rice cones by ROOR!

Juicy Jay Pre-rolled Cones and Rolling Papers

Juicy Jay flavored rolling papers and cones are a crowd favorite among smokers who enjoy customizing their smoking experience. From candy flavors like chocolate, cotton candy, and bubblegum, to fruity flavors like strawberry, mango, and blueberry Juicy Jay’s has a flavor for everyone to enjoy.

If you’re interested in trying one of Juicy Jay’s flavored rolling papers or cones, the sampler pack might be right up your alley. Buying a sampler pack will allow you to give all the flavors a taste test so you can find the perfect flavor that floats your boat.

Juicy Jay Rolling Paper Sampler:

  • Juicy Jay Paper Sampler

    Juicy J Rolling Papers

  • The staff here at RollingPaperDepot has tried all the flavors Juicy Jays has to offer, and have narrowed them down to our 12 favorite flavors (we kind of had a hard time deciding). The Flavored Paper Sampler is comprised of the most delicious-tasting rolling papers on the market, and we know you will find at least one or two you truly love. Share them with friends, share them with strangers you'd like to be friends, host a flavor-paper tasting party, or keep them all to yourself! . . . we'll totally understand.

Juicy Jay Pre-Rolled Cone Sampler:

  • Juicy Jay Cone Sampler

     Juicy J Cones

  • Juicy Jay's Jones Cones Sampler comes with four different flavors, and each pack has two cones and a reusable wooden tip. We are giving you two packs of each flavor, that's 16 cones and eight wooden tips! As for the flavors, you get Watermelon, Grape, Blackberry, and Blueberry. These cones are easy to load and easier to smoke. These Juicy Jay's cones are triple dipped for maximum flavor.

How to Fill a Pre-rolled Cone

There are many contraptions that have been invented to help fill, roll, and pack rolling papers and cones. From gadgets like The Cone Artist which helps you roll up your favorite rolling paper into a cone, to the RAW six-shooter which is a nifty gadget that fills your cones for you, the smoke-filled possibilities are seemingly endless.

We’ll start with the basics and take you through the (surprisingly easy) steps on how to fill a pre-rolled cone.

DIY Option:

  • To fill a pre-rolled cone, follow these steps:
  1. Set aside the tobacco or preferred smoking herbs that you want to use

  2. Gently stuff the herbs into the cone

  3. Pack it gently (not too tight) using a pen or the poker from your Clipper Lighter

  4. Pinch the wide end of the cone with your index finger and thumb, then twist to close

  5. Light it up!

If you like using cones but have trouble with dexterity, have arthritis in your fingers, or just maybe aren’t very coordinated, try using a cone filler! Whether you just want to fill one cone, or need to fill a bunch, there is a cone-filling contraption to fit your needs!

If you’re looking to fill a handful of cones, the RAW Six-Shooter can load up to 6 cones with herbs! Being the King of cone smoking now became easier with the brand new RAW Six Shooter. This roller can roll 1, 2, 3, or 6 king size RAW cones at the same time. With a design inspired by an old Spanish millstone, just remove the pin and move the plate to roll 1, 2, or 3 cones at the same time. Want to roll all six? Just remove the plate entirely. Fill the holes with RAW King Size cones, add your favorite smokable to the top, replace the lid and smack it on a hard surface. You can finish them off by using the pin, which also doubles as a poker, and in about 45 seconds you have up to six perfectly smokable cones! The RAW Six Shooter also acts as a carrier for your filled cones, so smoke em’ all now, or save a few for later, up to you! Instructions are included inside.

If you just want to fill a single cone, no problem the RAW Loader is a simple and user-friendly way to get the job done. The RAW Loader is the easiest yet most effective way to scoop up loose material from your tray and load it into your cone or paper. The simplicity of the Raw Loader is what makes it such a Rawesome tool that is a must for all RYO enthusiasts. Included with the RAW Loader is a non-stick scraper and a long bamboo poker.

If you’re really trying to stock up your cones, you might want to invest in the Buddies Bump Box which fills 32 cones! These amazing boxes by Buddies help you to fill up to 34 cones in a hurry! All you need to do is fill 'em up with your preferred legal smoking herbs and pack them down with the two included packing sticks. The Buddies Bump Boxe is perfect for those who need a high quantity of cones filled fast conveniently and efficiently. These handy Bump Boxes come in 3 varieties to accommodate your preferred cone size: 1 1/4, 98 Special, and King Size.