Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers have been the first choice for avid smokers for centuries.  The tobacco plant is widely believed to have started growing in about 6000 BC. It is also believed that Native Americans began using tobacco in various ways, smoking included, a few thousand years later. As the years went by, tobacco usage become more and more common by Native Americans. A drawing from the year 600 AD shows a Mayan smoking a roll of tobacco leaves.

Christopher Columbus was the first European to discover tobacco. He received some dried tobacco leaves as a gift when he landed in the Caribbean. His crew members noted the natives smoking tobacco when they were exploring present day Cuba. Within a few years, tobacco smoking became a national sensation in Spain. At the time, smokers used loosely rolled, open-ended, cigar-esque products. As time went on, many improvements came to Cigars, including the birth of the modern rolled cigarette and thus, rolling papers. In Seville Spain, street beggars would gather up the remains of used cigars, take the tobacco out, and re-roll them in paper. Today, we have a much more sanitary way to make homemade rolled cigarettes.

We hope that as you explore the process of making your own hand rolled cigarettes you find the excitement and satisfaction that millions of others have enjoyed by using rolling papers as your medium. By purchasing your rolling paper from Rolling Paper Depot, you are getting the highest quality rolling papers at the best price. All of our products are 100% authentic and we guarantee it. You won't find a better store to buy your papers.

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  1. Elements Single Wide Roll

    For the Elements enthusiasts out there, this roll is for you. Letting you choose your own size of rolling paper made out of fine Elements rice paper, this roll lets you decide the exact size of your smokes.

    Combining old fashioned rice paper with a new perforated paper dispenser is exactly what the Elements rolling paper lover needs. Comes in Single Wide size and 5m (16ft) in each pack.

  2. Rollies Slim Roll Refill - 1 1/4

    Refill your Rollies 1 1/4 Slim rolling paper dispenser with this 1 1/4 Slim roll refill. The same quality and very thin rolling paper that you love about Rollies, in refill form.

    Simply follow the instructions on each roll refill to quickly refill your rolling paper dispenser.

    Please note: rolling paper dispenser is not included.

  3. Hempire Single Wide

    Made from ecologically friendly hemp, Hempire rolling papers are some of the best hemp rolling papers we could find. Hempire has many loyal customers, and they love the not-too-thin hemp and the natural Arabic gum that is added.

    See for yourself why Hempire has such a loyal following.  100% tree free.

  4. Zen - Single Wide

    Zen is the best Asian style paper we could find. Made from top quality paper, these Zen rolling papers have the perfect burn time and perfect paper resilience. Zen is a paper for any smoker, and allows you to fully enjoy your smoking experience.  These papers have a double-window packaging for quick access.

    These single wide rolling papers are gummed with natural Arabic gum.

  5. Pay-Pay Double Wide Pay-Pay Double Wide

    Pay-Pay Double Wide

    In the year 1764 Pay-Pay was founded, and its been going strong ever since for a reason. In its latest iteration, Pay-Pay is a high-quality and economically price paper with a naturally sweet sugar glue.

    In the past 240 years rolling paper has improved a lot, and Pay-Pay has definitely stayed ahead of the curve. Try them today and see why Pay-Pay has been a favorite of smoking connoisseurs for hundreds of years.

    Regular Price: $1.25

    Special Price $0.75

  6. Juicy Jay's Bubblegum

    Enhance the taste of your legal smoking herbs with Juicy Jay's Bubblegum rolling papers. Flavored like a new pack of sweet bubblegum, this rolling paper will create a unique sensation combined with your hand picked filler. Available in a 1 1/4 & King Size pack with 32 leaves per pack and 24 packs for a full box.
  7. Juicy Jay's Jamaican Rum

    The Juicy Jay's Jamaican Rum flavored rolling papers taste like a jug of fine Jamaican rum, straight from the Caribbean, and will leave your smokes tasting delicious. Pack in your best blend of legal smoking herbs and roll out some unique tasting smokes. Available in a 1 1/4 & King Size pack with 32 leaves per pack and 24 packs for a full box.
  8. Jamaican Hemp Square - 1 1/4

    These Jamaican Hemp rolling papers came out in 1996. These neutral tasting rolling papers are made of 100% pure hemp and are completely tree-free. These square rolling papers burn slow and even. Made with natural arabic gumming.

  9. Pure Hemp 1 1/2

    The famous Miquel Y Costas & Miquel group create Pure Hemp rolling paper. Since the founding in 1879, Miquel Y Costas & Mique has strived to create the highest quality products, and Pure Hemp rolling paper is no exception.

    Using pure pulp hemp that is analyzed to ensure that only the best hemp is used, these rolling papers are made of very high quality ingredients. Natural Acacia gum is added to each rolling paper.

  10. Lion of Judah King Size

    These Lion of Judah King Size rolling papers are made in Belgium. These rolling papers burn even, smooth, and with only a little ash.

    Recognizing the Emperor Haile Selassie on the cover of the packing as Imperial H.I.M. cigarette papers, the packing is also made with the traditional Rastafarian colors; red, yellow, and green.

  11. Pouch Papers 1 1/4

    Pouch rolling papers feature a nifty pouch design. These are perfect for the beginning roller, simply put your tobacco in the pouch and roll. No spill. No mess. No problem.

    These rolling papers have sugar based gum and are made from rice.

    These also work with rolling machines!

  12. Aledinha Mini 1 1/4

    These Aledinha Mini 1 1/4 rolling papers are made in Brazil, using a combination of natural wood cellulose, glycerin, and water. They're clear so you can always see what you're smoking!

    These rolling papers burn slower then most papers thanks to the glycerin. This paper is ungummed.

  13. Bambu Regular 1 1/4 - 100 Packs

    Bambu is among the world's 1000 oldest companies, first opening in the year 1764. Bambu is one of the world's leaders in rolling papers, and they create a very nice quality product with a rich heritage.

    Bambu takes an intense pride in their natural gum they use in their papers. The Bambu gum is made with natural Arabic gum from the Acacia plant, and is completely chemical free with no additives.

  14. Joker Orange 1 1/4

    Joker Orange 1 1/4 rolling papers are made of a thin and slow burning paper that is exclusive to Joker's Orange brand.

    Joker has been found for decades in convenience stores and smoke shops everywhere. Now you can order them online and save a trip to the store!

  15. Joker Light 1 1/2

    These Joker Light rolling papers are created with the same paper that has characterized Joker rolling papers, but made thinner.

    These more lightweight rolling papers are perfect for those who like to roll their own smokes in a thin paper!

  16. Job 1.0 Silver - Light

    These Job Silver rolling papers are made out of an even thinner rice paper then Job Gold rolling papers. These are perfect for those who enjoy the feeling that a thinner paper gives them when they smoke. They have natural gumming and burns nice and slow and very evenly.

  17. Job 1.5 Silver - Light

    Jean Bardou founded the company Job in France in the year 1838. The Job brand of rolling papers quickly became some of the best selling rolling papers around, thanks to its distinct pure rice paper, and the Job brand has continued to expand ever since around the entire world.

    These Silver rolling papers are made thinner then the traditional Job Gold rolling papers, and so they give you more of the tobacco you love, and less paper.

  18. Rollit Single Wide

    These Rollit Single Wide rolling papers are one of the best deals on rolling papers you can find! You get 2400 leaves for our one low price, less then pennies a leaf! This means you can afford more tobacco, so you can enjoy more of the smokes you love.
  19. Smoking Green King Size

    The original Smoking brand of rolling papers have been around for a very long time, and have always been made with quality and reliability. These rolling papers are completely tree free.

    Only natural arabic gumming from the Acacia plant is used in these rolling papers, the gum contains no chemicals.

  20. Smoking Eco King Size

    These rolling papers are gummed with natural arabic gum that is made from the Acacia plant that is grown in central Africa.

  21. Smoking Master 1 1/4 - 200 Leaf Pack

    The Smoking brand has been around since 1929, built on a legacy of decades of rolling paper experience. Todays Smoking Master 1 1/4 rolling paper is made of a nice thin rice paper and has a truly natural Arabic gumming. This Arabic gum is made from the finest Acacia plants that are grown in central Africa.

    The Smoking Master 1 1/4 are only 37mm wide, compared to the standard 1 1/4 44mm wide size. These are great for people who really know how to roll!

  22. Smoking #8 Hemp Single Wide

    Smoking #8 Hemp Single Wide rolling papers are made from Smoking's own hemp that is grown under the care and supervision of Smoking, and is used exclusively for Smoking's hemp rolling papers.

    Smoking rolling paper is gummed with arabic gum that is made from Acacia gum that has been grown in central Africa, and the gum is completely chemical free and natural.

  23. Zig Zag Ultra Thin 1 1/2

    The famous Zig-Zag brand has been around for over 100 years, and has a legendary reputation for consistency and quality. These rolling papers burn smooth, and have natural gumming.

    The 1 1/2 size gives you a wider rolling paper for those who prefer more paper or more width to roll their smokes in.

  24. Smoking #8 Red Single Wide

    Smoking #8 Red Single Wide rolling papers are the newest papers to come from the Smoking #8 brand. Smoking rolling papers are made from rice paper with the perfect thickness, not too thick, not too thin. They burn smooth and evenly, and the single wide size makes it the perfect size to roll your own smokes.

    These rolling papers are both economical and high quality, the perfect match.


Items 1 to 24 of 331 total

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