Rolling Papers

Rolling Papers have been the first choice for avid smokers for centuries.  The tobacco plant is widely believed to have started growing in about 6000 BC. It is also believed that Native Americans began using tobacco in various ways, smoking included, a few thousand years later. As the years went by, tobacco usage become more and more common by Native Americans. A drawing from the year 600 AD shows a Mayan smoking a roll of tobacco leaves.

Christopher Columbus was the first European to discover tobacco. He received some dried tobacco leaves as a gift when he landed in the Caribbean. His crew members noted the natives smoking tobacco when they were exploring present day Cuba. Within a few years, tobacco smoking became a national sensation in Spain. At the time, smokers used loosely rolled, open-ended, cigar-esque products. As time went on, many improvements came to Cigars, including the birth of the modern rolled cigarette and thus, rolling papers. In Seville Spain, street beggars would gather up the remains of used cigars, take the tobacco out, and re-roll them in paper. Today, we have a much more sanitary way to make homemade rolled cigarettes.

We hope that as you explore the process of making your own hand rolled cigarettes you find the excitement and satisfaction that millions of others have enjoyed by using rolling papers as your medium. By purchasing your rolling paper from Rolling Paper Depot, you are getting the highest quality rolling papers at the best price. All of our products are 100% authentic and we guarantee it. You won't find a better store to buy your papers.

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  1. Joots 1 1/4 Rolling Papers

    These all natural, GMO free, chlorine free papers are some of the highest quality papers on the market. Enjoy a high class smoke with these Joots 1 1/4 rolling papers. Fashioned with 100% natural Arabic gum, each paper is designed to cradle your favorite legal smoking blend. Choose between Natural flavored papers, or the world's first ever, Ube (purple yam) flavored papers. Choose from a single pack of 50 leaves or a full box of 25 packs!
  2. RAW Organic Single Wide Single Window

    RAW was created in order to provide smokers with an additive-free and less-processed rolling paper. Made from a natural unbleached blend of fibers, this rolling paper has a unique naturally brown hue and is almost transparent thanks to the thinness of the paper. With a natural vegan blend of organic fibers and a natural sugar gumming, RAW is the best choice in the natural rolling paper market. RAW is unlike anything you've tried before, but don't let our words convince you, try them yourself and see the difference RAW makes. These papers feature Rolling Supreme’s patented run-preventing watermark system with cross-weave patterning and vertical hard-stop lines, to keep your smokes burning slowly and evenly, every time.
  3. WAR On Hate 1 1/4

    Flip the script and launch a WAR on hate! Let's get together, share a smoke, and start to come together. These limited edition papers are the same great Raw papers that you know and love except that 100% of the net profits are being donated to anti-hate charities like Southern Poverty Law Center. Pay it forward and join the WAR on HATE!

  4. Cheech And Chong King Size Essentials

    Man, you're going to love this bundle. The Smell-Proof Container is guaranteed to keep your "Doberman" fresh. Roll it into these high-quality Cheech & Chong King Size papers from the two homies who know best. The Raw tips and Raw 110mm Roller will help you get that perfect roll that the boys would be proud of,and spark it up using a Raw Clipper lighter. Choose between Cheech & Chong's Unbleached King Size Slim or King Size Hemp Papers.
  5. Elements Red Slow Burn Hemp 1 1/4

    Elements are known for their excellent quality Rice Rolling Papers. Now Elements is proud to introduce their all new Red Slow Burn Hemp Rolling Papers. Elements Red Slow Burn 1 1/4 Smoking Papers contain 50 papers per pack with each paper being 76mm long and 44mm wide. The papers burn slow and even, due to the watermark, ensuring a clean, even slow burn all the way down to the end, and use sugar gum which produces a tiny line of ash due to the gum turning into caramel as it burns. If you are a fan of the Elements line of papers try some Elements Red today! You'll be glad you did!
  6. ROOR RICE PAPER 1 1/4

    ROOR Rice Papers provide a light, clean, extra slow burn. 
    If you enjoy a nice even, slow burning paper, these are the papers for you!
    ROOR Rice Papers are made from all natural chemical-free rice paper. Try one today and feel the difference!

    The ROOR Unbleached Papers are pure natural rolling papers. ROOR Unbleached Papers give you a clean natural tasting smoke, which is light and pure. These papers are made from unbleached fibers, that are translucent natural light brown color. Enjoy the light smooth flavor of the ROOR Unbleached Papers today!

  8. ROOR Hemp Papers King Size

    The ROOR Hemp Papers are made from organically grown chlorine free pure hemp.
    These smooth papers burn extra slow and extra clean. Giving you a clean, natural tasting smoke, light and pure.  Try one today. You'll be hooked immediately!
  9. Pure Hemp Unbleached King Size

    These Pure Hemp Unbleached King Size rolling papers are great for the natural smoking scene. These rolling papers are made by the Miquel Y Costas & Miquel group based in Spain. Unbleached hemp is used in these rolling papers, no more bleach to alter the taste of your smokes!
    The unbleached hemp in the rolling papers are selected for their quality and are analyzed to ensure no poor hemp is used. Give your fillers a paper they deserve, try the Pure Hemp Unbleached King Size rolling papers.
  10. RAW Natural 500s

    These Raw natural 500s are just like the 300s, in fact they're exactly like them but you get a whopping 200 more papers per pack! Raw rolling papers are always natural, and made from an unbleached (chlorine free) fiber blend that is cleaner tasting. RAW 500's come 20 packs per box and 500 leaves per pack, giving you 10,000 natural rolling papers in just one box! That means you can enjoy rolling and smoking longer without worrying about having to constantly restock. These papers also feature Rolling Supremes’ patented run-preventing watermark system with cross-weave patterning and vertical hard-stop lines. This keeps your smokes burning slowly and evenly, every time.
  11. Juicy Jay's Liquorice

    These Juicy Jay's flavored rolling papers are perfect for smoking with your favorite legal herbs. Flavored rolling papers complement the legal herbs inside, and lessens any harshness that the herbs create when smoked! These rolling papers have smell and taste like delicious licorice and will satisfy just about any sweet tooth. Available in a 1 1/4 & King Size pack with 32 leaves per pack and 24 packs for a full box.
  12. Job Slow Burning 1 1/4

    Job rolling papers have a natural gum, burn smooth and clean, and are made of pure rice paper. The Job brand was invented in 1838 in France, quickly becoming one of Europe's most popular brands of rolling paper thanks to its simple rice paper. These are 1 1/4 papers.

  13. Bulldog King Size Slim Hemp Rolling Papers

    Bulldog Kingsize Slim Hemp rolling papers are from Amsterdam’s world famous Bulldog coffee shop. Made from pure hemp and Arabic gum, these papers are just like the regular Bulldog kingsize rolling papers except  they are slimmer at 45mm instead of 53mm.

    Each pack is 32 leaves, and each box contains 50 packs.

  14. Smoking Brown - 1 1/4

    Smoking Brown papers are all natural papers made completely tree-free. They get their name from the brown color of the paper because the pulp remained unbleached and chlorine free! We're all about all natural and chemical free over here at Rolling Paper Depot so we love these papers and we know you will too! Enjoy 50 leaves per pack and 25 packs per box!
  15. RAW Organic Single Wide Double-Window

    RAW Organic Single Wide papers are made with all natural organic unrefined hemp fibers. The single wide size is 70mm long and is the perfect size for a personal smoke that's sure to burn smoothly and evenly. The convenient double window style allows you to quickly and easily dispense each paper, and shows off RAW's patented anti-run watermark. Each pack comes with 100 leaves and a full box has 25 packs.
  16. Cyclones Pre-Rolled Clear Cones - Pimperschnapps 2X

    These Clear Cyclones are the newest addition to flavored cones. Made using natural cotton cellulose, glycerin, and water, these cones are completely transparent. Don’t confuse these with rolling papers or cigarette tubes, these provide a smoking experience more like smoking a pipe. With their much slower and even burn, these make the perfect cones for your favorite smoking medium. Like other Cyclones, these use Cyclones Triple-Dip flavor system to ensure you get the most mouth-watering flavor. The unique flavor of Pimperschnapps can only be described as a peach flavored with mint. These Cyclones include printed tips that you can see through the clear cone. Do not use these flavored cones with cigarette tobacco, they burn far too slow.
  17. RAW Organic 300s

    RAW is dedicated to bringing you the purest unbleached papers for your smoking enjoyment and now presents to you RAW Organic 300’s. Made with only organically grown fiber, the first on the market of its kind. These Organic rolling papers come in a light tan color, even lighter than RAW classics. Providing you with an even burning paper that is not only very clean, but also slow burning to maximize your smoking pleasure. Papers feature Rolling Supreme’s patented run-preventing watermark system with cross-weave patterning and vertical hard-stop lines, to keep your smokes burning slowly and evenly, every time.
  18. Pure Hemp Unbleached 1 1/4

    These Pure Hemp Unbleached 1 1/4 rolling papers are great for the natural smoking scene. Unbleached hemp is used in these rolling papers, no more bleach to alter the taste of your smokes! These rolling papers are made by the Miquel Y Costas & Miquel group based in Spain.

    The unbleached hemp in the rolling papers are selected for their quality and are analyzed to ensure no poor hemp is used. Give your fillers a paper they deserve, try the Pure Hemp Unbleached 1 1/4 rolling papers.

  19. Swan 1 1/4 - Rice

    These Swan 1 1/4 Rice rolling papers are produced by the famous Rolling Supreme company, makers of smokers favorites like RAW, Elements, Zen, and Chills! Pure rice is used to create these nice and thin papers, the rice ensures that your smokes will burn clean, no more ashy mess to deal with!

  20. Zig Zag King Size

    Zig-Zag King Size rolling papers give you the same Zig-Zag Orange paper that smokers love, in a king size paper! These are made of durable paper that burns both smooth and slow, making these rolling papers great for smokers who like enjoying a longer smoke.

    These are 53mm wide and 100mm long, giving you plenty of space to roll your smokes.

  21. Smoking White 1 1/4

    These Smoking White 1 1/4 rolling papers are made in the classic old fashioned style, with a medium burning and medium weight paper. Smoking brand rolling papers are made with Arabic gum that is made from central African Acacia plants, the resin of which is freeze-dried and quickly sent to Smoking in order to ensure freshness and purity of their gum.
  22. Smoking #8 Green Single Wide - Cut Corners

    Smoking #8 Green Cut Corners Single Wide rolling papers are made with a medium weight rice paper, and is gummed with Acacia gum that is grown in central Africa.

    These rolling papers have cut corners, making it easier to roll by hand or with a rolling box. Perfect for the beginner roller or those who just want a hassle free rolling experience!

  23. Smoking Red King Size

    These Smoking Red King Size rolling papers are made with pure rice paper that Smoking excels in. These rolling papers are gummed with a natural Arabic gum made from the Acacia plant, and is harvested from Acacia plants in central Africa.

    These are the standard 53mm wide king size, for those who prefer a wider paper, or for less advanced rolling papers.

  24. Smoking Arroz Square

    The Smoking brand has been around for over 80 years, but the makers of Smoking brand rolling papers have been around for 50 years before that! With over 130 years of rolling paper experience, Smoking is easily one of the best makers of rolling paper. These Arroz rolling papers are made of pure rice, and are gummed with a pure Acacia gum.

    These rolling papers come in a square pack!


Items 1 to 24 of 331 total

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