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  1. Elements Red Slow Burn Hemp 1 1/4

    Elements are known for their excellent quality Rice Rolling Papers. Now Elements is proud to introduce their all new Red Slow Burn Hemp Rolling Papers. Elements Red Slow Burn Hemp 1 1/4 Smoking Papers contain 50 papers per pack with each paper being 76mm long and 44mm wide. The papers burn slow and even, due to the watermark, ensuring a clean, even slow burn all the way down to the end, and use sugar gum which produces a tiny line of ash due to the gum turning into caramel as it burns. If you are a fan of the Elements line of papers try some Elements Red today! You'll be glad you did!
  2. ROOR RICE PAPER 1 1/4

    ROOR Rice Papers provide a light, clean, extra slow burn. 
    If you enjoy a nice even, slow burning paper, these are the papers for you!
    ROOR Rice Papers are made from all natural chemical-free rice paper. Try one today and feel the difference!
  3. RAW Natural 500s

    These Raw natural 500s are just like the 300s, in fact they're exactly like them but you get a whopping 200 more papers per pack! Raw rolling papers are always natural, and made from an unbleached (chlorine free) fiber blend that is cleaner tasting. RAW 500's come 20 packs per box and 500 leaves per pack, giving you 10,000 natural rolling papers in just one box! That means you can enjoy rolling and smoking longer without worrying about having to constantly restock. These papers also feature Rolling Supremes’ patented run-preventing watermark system with cross-weave patterning and vertical hard-stop lines. This keeps your smokes burning slowly and evenly, every time.
  4. Juicy Jay's Liquorice

    These Juicy Jay's flavored hemp rolling papers are perfect for smoking with your favorite legal herbs. Flavored rolling papers complement the legal herbs inside, and lessens any harshness that the herbs create when smoked! These rolling papers have smell and taste like delicious licorice and will satisfy just about any sweet tooth. Available in a 1 1/4 & King Size pack with 32 leaves per pack and 24 packs for a full box.
  5. Juicy Jay's Super Fine 1 1/4

    These Juicy Jay's Super Fine flavored rolling papers will add a deliciously sweet taste to any smoking herbs. Patented with their triple dip system, each Juicy Jay's Super Fine paper is packed with enough flavor to compliment your favorite legal smoking herbs. Pick up a pack, pick up a box, you're sure to love Juicy Jay's newest addition to the Super Fine line of papers. Sold as 32 leaves per pack and 24 packs for a full box.
  6. Randy's Roots Hemp Paper 1 1/4

    Brand new from Randy’s! These Randy’s Roots 1 1 1/4 papers are all natural, but still have Randy’s signature wire design. Made from 100% organic unbleached hemp, these excellent rolling papers are organic and vegan. Each box comes with 25 packs, with each pack containing 24 79mm sheets.

  7. Juicy Jay's Flavored Rolling Paper Sampler


    The staff here at RollingPaperDepot has tried all the flavors Juicy Jays has to offer, and have narrowed them down to our 12 favorite flavors (we kind of had a hard time deciding). The Flavored Paper Sampler is comprised of the most delicious-tasting rolling papers on the market, and we know you will find at least one or two you truly love. Share them with friends, share them with strangers you'd like to be friends, host a flavor-paper tasting party, or keep them all to yourself! . . . we'll totally understand.

    2 x Juicy Jays Banana1 1/4

    2 x Juicy Jays Blackberry 1 1/4

    2 x Juicy Jays Blueberry 1 1/4

    2 x Juicy Jays Grape 1 1/4

    2 x Juicy Jays Green Apple 1 1/4

    2 x Juicy Jays Orange 1 1/4

    2 x Juicy Jays Peaches & Cream 1 1/4

    2 x Juicy Jays Pineapple 1 1/4

    2 x Juicy Jays Raspberry 1 1/4

    2 x Juicy Jays Strawberry 1 1/4

    2 x Juicy Jays Strawberry/Kiwi 1 1/4

    2 x Juicy Jays Very Cherry 1 1/4


    Though it is rare, we occasionally run out of some of our more popular products. In the event that this happens, we will substitute any missing flavors with those we have in stock.
  8. Smoking Brown - 1 1/4

    Smoking Brown papers are all natural papers made from pure hemp. They get their name from the brown color of the paper because the pulp remained unbleached and chlorine free! We're all about all natural and chemical free over here at Rolling Paper Depot so we love these papers and we know you will too! Enjoy 50 leaves per pack and 25 packs per box!
  9. Hawaiian Skunk 1 1/4

    Hawaiian Skunk 1 ¼ rolling papers will make it seem like summer all year long with the sutble flavors of pinapple and coconut mixed perfectly in these new rolling papers from Skunk.These papers are extra thin and made with high quality hemp that will burn slow, even, and clean.

    Hawaiian Skunk 1 ¼ rolling papers are made in Spain, and are menthol flavored. These rolling papers burn slow and have natural gum, and each pack is sealed to ensure freshness.

  10. Juicy Jay's Super Fine Vanilla Ice 1 1/4

    These Juicy Jay's Super Fine Vanilla Ice 1 1/4 flavored rolling papers are perfect, whether you want to relive those fond memories of eating cold ice cream on warm summer evenings, or just want to feel like a kid again. This premium rolling paper is super fine and printed with soy ink. Enjoy that sweet vanilla ice cream taste this summer!
  11. Juicy Jay's Super Fine Blackberrylicious 1 1/4

    These Juicy Jay's Super Fine Blackberrylicious 1 1/4 flavored rolling papers are perfect for any smoker. They might remind you a slice of delicious blackberry pie, or maybe you just want to treat yourself to something sweet! This premium rolling paper is super fine and printed with soy ink. Enjoy that sweet blackberry taste without all those pesky seeds!
  12. Pure Hemp Unbleached 1 1/4

    These Pure Hemp Unbleached 1 1/4 rolling papers are great for the natural smoking scene. Unbleached hemp is used in these rolling papers, no more bleach to alter the taste of your smokes! These rolling papers are made by the Miquel Y Costas & Miquel group based in Spain.

    The unbleached hemp in the rolling papers are selected for their quality and are analyzed to ensure no poor hemp is used. Give your fillers a paper they deserve, try the Pure Hemp Unbleached 1 1/4 rolling papers.

  13. Swan 1 1/4 - Rice

    These Swan 1 1/4 Rice rolling papers are produced by the famous Rolling Supreme company, makers of smokers favorites like RAW, Elements, Zen, and Chills! Pure rice is used to create these nice and thin papers, the rice ensures that your smokes will burn clean, no more ashy mess to deal with!

  14. Swan 1 1/4

    Swan has been a major player in the European rolling paper scene for a long time, and we're proud to offer these Swan 1 1/4 rolling papers around the world for the first time. You can always expect a quality product at a low price from Swan.

  15. Zig Zag Ultra Thin 1 1/4

    Zig-Zag Ultra Thin rolling papers are incredibly thin and almost see-through. This rolling paper is the result of decades of Zig-Zag brand experience, creating this new rolling paper for smokers enjoyment.

    These burn quite slow since they are so thin! Perfect if you want less paper taste, since these thin papers have less!

  16. Smoking White 1 1/4

    These Smoking White 1 1/4 rolling papers are made in the classic old fashioned style, with a medium burning and medium weight paper. Smoking brand rolling papers are made with Arabic gum that is made from central African Acacia plants, the resin of which is freeze-dried and quickly sent to Smoking in order to ensure freshness and purity of their gum.
  17. Smoking Arroz Square

    The Smoking brand has been around for over 80 years, but the makers of Smoking brand rolling papers have been around for 50 years before that! With over 130 years of rolling paper experience, Smoking is easily one of the best makers of rolling paper. These Arroz rolling papers are made of pure rice, and are gummed with a pure Acacia gum.

    These rolling papers come in a square pack!

  18. Job 1.25 Silver - Light

    Job rolling papers were invented in 1838 by Jean Bardou in the country of France. Jean Bardou had such success with his rolling papers that he decided to expand his operations, and now almost 200 years later Job is known around the world for its pure rice paper.

    These Job Silver rolling papers are ultra-thin, giving you a cleaner smoke and less of the paper taste. These are pregummed.

  19. Job 1.25 Gold

    Job rolling papers were invented in 1838 by Jean Bardou in France. Job rolling papers quickly become one of Europe's best selling rolling papers and are now available worldwide.

    These Job rolling papers are made of a pure rice paper and are already pregummed.

  20. E-Z Wider Orange

    For decades E-Z Wider has been the rolling paper of choice for smokers, and today they are still one of the leaders in rolling paper.

    These E-Z Wider Orange rolling papers are specially designed to burn the paper slow and smooth, letting you enjoy your tobacco without the paper burning too quickly.

  21. E-Z Wider French

    Created in the 1970's by two New Yorkers, E-Z Wider quickly became one of the most popular rolling papers ever invented.

    While E-Z Wider has been produced in various places, today they are made in Belgium from thin watermarked paper.

    The French style is 75mm long and the standard 44mm width.

  22. E-Z Wider 1 1/4

    These E-Z Wider rolling papers are true classics. E-Z Wider has been one of the leaders in rolling papers thanks to its thin rolling paper and smooth burn.

    These E-Z Wider rolling papers are made in Belgium. Watermarked paper.

  23. Glass Cellulose Papers 1 1/4

    These Glass rolling papers are made of all-natural Asiatic Cotton Mallow, no wood is used unlike other clear rolling papers. These rolling papers are completely clear, showing off the tobacco inside the cigarette paper.

    These have no glue on them, because they don't need them. Simply lick the rolling paper and stick, and you're ready to smoke.

  24. My Fucking Rolling Papers (MFRP) 1 1/4

    Now everyone will know that these are YOUR rolling papers! Made from the reputable brand Rollies, these rolling papers let the people who like to "borrow" your rolling papers that these are YOUR papers, and not theirs.

    The packaging features two birdie-giving fingers, scaring potential thieves even more!


Items 1 to 24 of 139 total

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