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  1. Juicy Jay's Trip Green 1 1/4

    Juicy Jay's are created by the small town of Alcoy, nestled in the mountains of Spain. Made on equipment that has been passed down for generations, these Juicy Jay's rolling papers are created by dedicated rolling paper craftsmen. Using a unique Triple-Dip flavor system, these Juicy Jay's are flavored with a tantalizing menthol flavor. As soon as you lick the paper you'll taste the delicious menthol flavor, and the smoke takes on a pleasant menthol taste.

  2. Juicy Jay's Black Magic 1 1/4

    In the mountains of Alcoy Spain, Juicy Jay's are created. For over 100 years, craftsmen have created rolling papers in this small town, and that long history of Alcoy is apparent in the quality and care that each Juicy Jay has. Juicy Jay's menthol flavored rolling papers have a delicious flavor that will make your mouth water. Created from pure rice paper and flavored with a proprietary Triple-Dip system, these menthol rolling papers are the real deal.
  3. Juicy Jay's Cool Jays 1 1/4

    For over 100 years, the people of Alcoy Spain have created rolling papers. Today they make Juicy Jay's, and they make them on some of the original refurbished equipment that their grandparents made rolling papers on. These rolling papers are rich with history and quality. These rolling papers are also flavored using a Triple-Dip system. Juicy Jay's Cool Jays are menthol flavored and are for use with cigarette tobacco.
  4. Skunkalicious 1 1/4 - Mentholated

    Skunkalicious mentholated rolling papers, produced by Skunk and manufactured in Spain, burn slow and have a natural gum. To ensure freshness.and flavor, each pack has been individually wraped in plastic. Comes in a box of 24 packs, with 32 leaves per pack.

  5. Kingpin Cold Chillin

    Kingpin is releasing a limited supply of these menthol rolling papers. These Kingpin rolling papers are packaged in a very nice looking holographic foil that shines in the light.

    These rolling papers are 80mm long, a little longer than normal so you can enjoy your smoke session fully.



5 Item(s)