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Have you been having a hard time locating a certain brand of rolling papers? Don't worry then, because you've come to the right place. From the novel to the no-longer-being-produced, Rolling Paper Depot has the best selection of hard to find rolling papers on the web. We've sourced some of our favorite, rare rolling papers, and are constantly adding more to our catalog all the time.

Ranging from the quirky to the conventional, these rolling papers are the absolute best we could find. Whether you're looking to stand out from the crowd, or whether you're just looking for something completely new to try, Rolling Paper Depot has you covered.

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  1. Club Modiano Bistro - Ungummed - 1 1/4

    They're back! The best Club Modianos ever produced. From the oldest and most trusted rolling paper brand around comes the all new Club Modiano Bistro Ungummed in 1 1/4 size. These papers are just like the ones you've come to love and trust - no gum, no additives - just pure taste for your hand rolled smoke. 24 Packs to a full box. 32 Papers per pack.

  2. Club Modiano Single Wide - Ungummed

    From the oldest and most trusted rolling paper brand around comes the new Club Modiano Ungummed in single wide. These papers have  no gum, no additives - just pure taste in every hand rolled smoke. 50 packs to a full box, 50 papers per pack, for a whooping 2500 papers per box!

  3. Midas Touch

    Dionysus himself has granted your wish with this bundle. The Midas Touch bundle includes a collection of golden products like Shine 24k 1 1/4 Rolling Papers, choose to go with one single paper or get the whole pack of 12. Also, a Clipper Lighter that comes with a gold metal case, and a Shine 24k Pre-Rolled King Size Cone

    Go ahead and spoil yourself grab up this bundle today.
  4. Smoking Maiz Corn 1 1/4

    Looking for something new or different to try? These are it.

    Smoking brand Maiz Corn rolling papers are made from natural corn. Lending the smoke a distinct flavor, these rolling papers might just be your new favorites! Burns smooth, but leaves some ash.

  5. OCB Rolling Papers 1 1/2 - Ungummed

    OCB rolling papers are a classic paper used by smokers for years. These papers are made of flax and without gum. They are a natural choice for the smoker who needs value and wants a heavier paper. 

    Like the label says, "no better cigarette paper can be made." If you're looking for an ungummed rolling paper, then look no further than the OCB brand.

  6. Urban Wraps 1 1/2

    In a world where smoking legal herbs have become more prevalent, there are a select few that can be defined by their discerning tastes and interest in discretion. For those of you that like to play their cards close, there is a new kind of wrap the aligns with this vision. Created by the founder of RAW in 1999, Urban Wraps 1 ½ are the papers of choice for the person that likes to smoke with discretion. Designed to look like a regular cigarette, Urban Wraps blend in well in a crowd or wherever you are hoping to keep your stealth smoking session a secret. So now you can smoke in style AND fly under the radar. With a 1 ½ size, Urban Wraps hold 50% more product than average rolling papers, which means you no longer have to make a choice between rolling a fat one or keeping it on the DL.
  7. USA Flag Rolling Papers

    When you live in the greatest country in the history of the world, sometimes the only way to celebrate it is to roll up a big fat one and light up like it's the Fourth of July. Moreover, what better way to show that you're a true American Patriot than by lighting up with a pack of star spangled USA Flag Rolling Papers. Guaranteed to get the Red, White and Blue pumping in your veins, these 1 ½ sized rolling papers give you 50% more room for you to pack with 50% more tobacco or legal smoking herbs; just like our Founding Fathers intended. Probably. With Independence Day just around the corner, there's no better way to let your friends and family know where you stand on life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness than by lighting up with “The Most American Cigarette Paper.”

  8. OCB Rolling Papers 1 1/4 - Gummed

    The OCB 1 1/4 papers are gummed papers made of flax with a natural gum. These papers are heavier than most and have a clean burn and taste.  Like the label says, "no better cigarette paper can be made." If you're looking for an gummed and classic paper, then look no further than OCB.



8 Item(s)