Regular Rolling Papers

We carry a wide selection of Regular Rolling Papers at Rolling papers are small sheets or leaves of paper that are sold for the purpose of rolling one's own cigarettes by hand or with the use of a rolling machine. Rolling your own cigarettes has become a popular choice among smokers for a variety of reasons.

Whether it be the taxation of machine-made cigarettes or just a preference, the rolling paper community is thriving, with some even calling it the tobacco industry's fastest growing segment. It allows for a more custom-suited smoke, giving you the ability to customize the cigarette for any blend, shape or size. Most rolling papers come in lengths of 70mm - 110mm with a variety of widths. They are most commonly made with wood pulp, hemp, flax or rice as a base material. The basic design of a single rolling paper is a long rectangle with a narrow strip of glue or gum all along one of the long edges to aid in sealing up the cigarette. Whatever you may be looking for, you will surely find it here!

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  1. Job Free Burning Cut Corners

    Invented in France in 1838 by Jean Bardou, Job rolling papers are known around the world for its pure rice paper after almost 200 years. These are slow, cut corner, free burning papers. 32 single width rolling papers per booklet.

  2. Randy's Papers Gold King Size

    Randy’s classic “Gold” king size papers are back! As the original wired rolling papers, Randy’s papers are easy to roll and the wire makes these papers easy to hold. Each box comes with 25 packs, with each pack containing 24 king size sheets.

  3. Randy's Roots Hemp Paper 1 1/4

    Brand new from Randy’s! These Randy’s Roots 1 1 1/4 papers are all natural, but still have Randy’s signature wire design. Made from 100% organic unbleached hemp, these excellent rolling papers are organic and vegan. Each box comes with 25 packs, with each pack containing 24 79mm sheets.

  4. Smoking Brown - 1 1/4

    Smoking Brown papers are all natural papers made from pure hemp. They get their name from the brown color of the paper because the pulp remained unbleached and chlorine free! We're all about all natural and chemical free over here at Rolling Paper Depot so we love these papers and we know you will too! Enjoy 50 leaves per pack and 25 packs per box!
  5. Swan 1 1/4 - Rice

    These Swan 1 1/4 Rice rolling papers are produced by the famous Rolling Supreme company, makers of smokers favorites like RAW, Elements, Zen, and Chills! Pure rice is used to create these nice and thin papers, the rice ensures that your smokes will burn clean, no more ashy mess to deal with!

  6. Zig Zag Ultra Thin 1 1/4

    Zig-Zag Ultra Thin rolling papers are incredibly thin and almost see-through. This rolling paper is the result of decades of Zig-Zag brand experience, creating this new rolling paper for smokers enjoyment.

    These burn quite slow since they are so thin! Perfect if you want less paper taste, since these thin papers have less!

  7. Zig Zag King Size

    Zig-Zag King Size rolling papers give you the same Zig-Zag Orange paper that smokers love, in a king size paper! These are made of durable paper that burns both smooth and slow, making these rolling papers great for smokers who like enjoying a longer smoke.

    These are 53mm wide and 100mm long, giving you plenty of space to roll your smokes.

  8. Smoking White 1 1/4

    These Smoking White 1 1/4 rolling papers are made in the classic old fashioned style, with a medium burning and medium weight paper. Smoking brand rolling papers are made with Arabic gum that is made from central African Acacia plants, the resin of which is freeze-dried and quickly sent to Smoking in order to ensure freshness and purity of their gum.
  9. Smoking Red King Size

    These Smoking Red King Size rolling papers are made with pure rice paper that Smoking excels in. These rolling papers are gummed with a natural Arabic gum made from the Acacia plant, and is harvested from Acacia plants in central Africa.

    These are the standard 53mm wide king size, for those who prefer a wider paper, or for less advanced rolling papers.

  10. Smoking Arroz Square

    The Smoking brand has been around for over 80 years, but the makers of Smoking brand rolling papers have been around for 50 years before that! With over 130 years of rolling paper experience, Smoking is easily one of the best makers of rolling paper. These Arroz rolling papers are made of pure rice, and are gummed with a pure Acacia gum.

    These rolling papers come in a square pack!

  11. Job 1.25 Silver - Light

    Job rolling papers were invented in 1838 by Jean Bardou in the country of France. Jean Bardou had such success with his rolling papers that he decided to expand his operations, and now almost 200 years later Job is known around the world for its pure rice paper.

    These Job Silver rolling papers are ultra-thin, giving you a cleaner smoke and less of the paper taste. These are pregummed.

  12. Job 1.25 Gold

    Job rolling papers were invented in 1838 by Jean Bardou in France. Job rolling papers quickly become one of Europe's best selling rolling papers and are now available worldwide.

    These Job rolling papers are made of a pure rice paper and are already pregummed.

  13. Top 1 1/2

    Top 1 1/2 rolling papers are some of the best gummed rolling papers we could find. Top has been around for a very long time, and have consistently been one of smokers favorite brands.

    Top rolling papers are made exclusively in France, and are one of the last rolling paper brands to still be made there.

  14. Joker 1 1/2

    Joker is an old fashioned style rolling paper brand that has been around for decades, and you can find these in any smoke shop.

    Save a lot of money by buying them from Rolling Paper Depot! You get the same quality Joker rolling paper, at a much cheaper price.

  15. Gizeh Sphinx Cutcorner Single Wide

    Gizeh has been a worldwide brand for decades, and generations of smokers have come to love Gizeh's rolling paper, and these are no different.

    These Gizeh Sphinx rolling papers are thinner then regular Gizeh papers but not quite as thin as the Gizeh Blue or Gizeh Silver Tip rolling papers. These rolling papers have cut corners to allow for easier rolling!

  16. E-Z Wider Orange

    For decades E-Z Wider has been the rolling paper of choice for smokers, and today they are still one of the leaders in rolling paper.

    These E-Z Wider Orange rolling papers are specially designed to burn the paper slow and smooth, letting you enjoy your tobacco without the paper burning too quickly.

  17. E-Z Wider French

    Created in the 1970's by two New Yorkers, E-Z Wider quickly became one of the most popular rolling papers ever invented.

    While E-Z Wider has been produced in various places, today they are made in Belgium from thin watermarked paper.

    The French style is 75mm long and the standard 44mm width.

  18. E-Z Wider 1 1/2

    E-Z Wider has been around since the 1970's, and are currently made in the country of Belgium. These are a classic brand for rolling your own smokes in. These are made of thin watermarked paper and they burn very smoothly.

  19. E-Z Wider 1 1/4

    These E-Z Wider rolling papers are true classics. E-Z Wider has been one of the leaders in rolling papers thanks to its thin rolling paper and smooth burn.

    These E-Z Wider rolling papers are made in Belgium. Watermarked paper.

  20. Abadie Single Wide

    The Abadie cigarette rolling papers are a medium thick rolling paper. Made from premium rice paper, they are pregummed for easy rolling. 

    Created in the classic French style, these Abadie rolling papers have been around for over a century. Perfect for the more traditional smoker.

  21. Glass Cellulose Papers 1 1/4

    These Glass rolling papers are made of all-natural Asiatic Cotton Mallow, no wood is used unlike other clear rolling papers. These rolling papers are completely clear, showing off the tobacco inside the cigarette paper.

    These have no glue on them, because they don't need them. Simply lick the rolling paper and stick, and you're ready to smoke.

  22. My Fucking Rolling Papers (MFRP) King Size

    Do you have friends that like to "borrow" your rolling papers without asking? Well these rolling papers are for you! Made by Rollies, these rolling papers let everyone know that they are YOURS! Perfect for making a statement, or just for the sheer novelty, these rolling papers are great.

  23. My Fucking Rolling Papers (MFRP) 1 1/4

    Now everyone will know that these are YOUR rolling papers! Made from the reputable brand Rollies, these rolling papers let the people who like to "borrow" your rolling papers that these are YOUR papers, and not theirs.

    The packaging features two birdie-giving fingers, scaring potential thieves even more!

  24. Smoking Deluxe 1 1/4

    The legendary Smoking brand brings you these Smoking Deluxe 1 1/4" rolling papers. Made from the finest rice paper Smoking could find, this rolling paper burns slow and smooth. Show off your class with these vintage rolling paper packs, each one adorned with the classic Smoking logo on the front. Smoking has been in the business for decades, and there's a reason for that. Try these today and see what you've been missing.


Items 1 to 24 of 103 total

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