Ungummed Rolling Papers

Ungummed papers are perfect for the die-hard RYO enthusiast or even for practical use with woodwind instruments. Many of our customers prefer that their rolling papers are ungummed.  Though some papers (like RAW and Elements) come with a natural glue to help the papers stick, other brands of papers might not use a natural glue.  Purists often require rolling papers to be ungummed.  The products listed in this category are designed for the RYO enthusiast. 

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  1. Trip Clear King Size

    Trip Clear King Size rolling papers are made in Brazil from high-quality Brazilian Eucalyptus that burns smooth. These rolling papers are see through, you can see your tobacco through the paper!

    These rolling papers have no gum. Simply stick them together and they are ready to roll.

  2. Trip2 Clear Mini 1 1/4

    Trip2 Clear Mini 1 1/4 rolling papers are the latest generation of Trip rolling papers. Made of Asiatic Cotton Mallow, these rolling papers are completely tree-free. These are thin and clear, and burn smooth and clean. These papers come ungummed.

  3. Club Modiano Bistro - Ungummed - 1 1/4

    They're back! The best Club Modianos ever produced. From the oldest and most trusted rolling paper brand around comes the all new Club Modiano Bistro Ungummed in 1 1/4 size. These papers are just like the ones you've come to love and trust - no gum, no additives - just pure taste for your hand rolled smoke. 24 Packs to a full box. 32 Papers per pack.

  4. Club Modiano Single Wide - Ungummed

    From the oldest and most trusted rolling paper brand around comes the new Club Modiano Ungummed in single wide. These papers have  no gum, no additives - just pure taste in every hand rolled smoke. 50 packs to a full box, 50 papers per pack, for a whooping 2500 papers per box!

  5. OCB Rolling Papers 1 1/2 - Ungummed

    OCB rolling papers are a classic paper used by smokers for years. These papers are made of flax and without gum. They are a natural choice for the smoker who needs value and wants a heavier paper. 

    Like the label says, "no better cigarette paper can be made." If you're looking for an ungummed rolling paper, then look no further than the OCB brand.



5 Item(s)