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RPD Grab Bag - $15

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Feeling lucky? With our new $15 Grab Bags you don't have to! Every grab bag includes our RPD cloth bag, bracelets, stickers, Doob Tubes - plus we fill 'em with an assortment of other awesome swag. Papers, cones, wraps, tins, trays, you're sure get some stuff that you already love and you'll get a chance to try out something new too!

*Actual bag may differ slightly in appearance.

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  1. Surprised at the contents review by Kev on 11/30/2019
    Quality a $15 grab bag with $20 or more worth inside plus the bag is worth the cost of admission. Lighters, three paper packs, cone papers, doob tunes, hemp wrappers, and more. A great way for me to try some products I might not otherwise think to try. And the bag is more heavy duty than I expected. If you're on the fence just get one and be happily surprised.

  2. What a fun surprise! review by mjhammer11 on 12/15/2018

    I thought that I would take a chance on this, as it just sounded like a fun idea. I bought it and it arrived today. It was loaded with small goodies I would probably never have tried myself, as some of them I don't even know how to use. So: 1. I had to do some research to see what some things were, so I gained education. 2. The the rolling papers, Doob Tubes and rolling machine will all go to good use, and I loved that this grab bag actually complimented my other purchases so well. And 3. The value of the bag and contents was most certainly worth the price charged.

    This was a super fun item and I am very happy I took the chance. I was not disappointed. Not often I get to say that these days. :)

    Good job RPD, I appreciate you !!!!

  3. You’ll definitely get your $15 worth! review by eazeroses on 9/4/2018

    This would make a great gift for a friend or a great gift for yourself if you are running low on supplies. Mine came with three rolling papers, two doob tubes, a rolling machine, two lighters, and hemp wraps. No dorky stickers nor a bracelet—thank goodness! The only thing that made me go “dang” on was that it came without crutches lol. Really wish mine had like one thing of crutches lol. But oh, well. Luck of the draw and I consider it a good haul for the price.

    If you price these items out by buying them individually on RPD, you realize you’re seriously getting a good deal without having to buy unnecessary items in bulk.

    I’ve personally never had any Clipper Lighters and they included two which have seriously amazed me. Changed my life. Will probably never go back to Bic lighters?

    The canvas bag is sturdy— I was expecting it to be cheesy or lame, janky 99 cent quality, but it was really good—I won’t be ashamed of carrying it around the gym or grocery shopping with it. It was like Christmas when this baby arrived.

    I would definitely order this again if my supplies run low or if a special someone’s birthday or holiday comes up. It’s a good variation on items they carry and items you thought you’d go after.

  4. worth it review by Cam on 8/16/2018

    I bought this a few times. It is worth it, you aleays get the value you pay for. Ive gotten hemp wraps, papers, paper cases, lighters, cones.

  5. THE COOLEST THING review by Brandi on 7/28/2018

    We’ve ordered several times from RPD, both via Amazon and their website. The products always have more than met our expectations, and customer service is outrageous. Like, the way customer service should be. Which NEVER happens.

    But, I digress...The Grab Bag.

    OK, you need to buy this thing. Look, let’s face certain realities. Ordering a ridiculously well priced canvas bag online, full of swag like people like us want, is like trying to guess what you’ll get at the next house when you went trick-or-treating 9,000 years ago.

    And, when the stuff arrives...With crazy fast shipping, I should add, you kinda lose it. There are stickers; lighters; papers; cones; a roller; stash containers, et cetera. Good ****, if you don’t mind my saying so.

    So, when I’m done writing this, I will order it again, and I will order it every time I order from RPD, which I anticipate will be often.

    That’s the Grab Bag. But, before I go, I want to talk about the customer service issue...Slightly bent item. Replaced and shipped to me immediately, no questions asked. A mis-threaded grinder. Replaced and shipped to me immediately, no questions asked. In both cases, at zero cost to us, no hassles, no ship backs...No nothing. Just everything as it should be.

    There was even a rather nasty spot on our kitchen ceiling where I swatted a fly and taught it a lesson. Unfortunately, his presence was still seen as an impression of his entrails on the snow white surface of our kitchen ceiling. The RPD sticker fixed that forever.

    Rock on folks in Arizona (It’s a dry heat)!!!

  6. review by Tyler on 1/6/2018

    My bag Came with Clipper lighters, KING SIZE RAW PRE-ROLLED CONES!!, hemp wraps, as well as packs of Reg size. juicy jays, Elements, and Raw papers. along with the BRACELETS, stickers, tubEs, and a very nice large bag. I also got a sleek metal tin just big enough for 1 pack of papers so you can throw a pack in your pocket and they wont get crushed.
    Really surprised by the QUALITY of items DEFINITELY worth a shot to grab one and see what you get Or for a friend. CANT WAIT TO TRY THE MANGO FLAVORED WRAPS THEY LOOK BOMB!

  7. review by Greg on 5/28/2017

    The Value was amazing. The bad lights papers tips hempwick gave me a few new things to try. Definitely worth a snaG when supplies are low

  8. review by Gordon on 4/25/2017

    I was happy with what it came with for the price can't go wrong and the bag is a nice touch

  9. review by Tonio on 12/16/2013

    The grab bag is ok. Dont get me wrong there some great stuff in there. But you dont get what the description says on top. No papers or trays, nor any braclets and stickers but if u want lighters they add HELLA lighters in there. I might have to think twice before purchasing this agian, or get it when im out of lighters lol

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