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RPD Millionaire Sampler

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The RPD Millionaire Bundle

BLING BLING!!  Introducing the bundle for the player who wants it all. Everything in this bundle will tell your friends you have more money than sense. But hey, you only live once, that is, unless you have this bundle, then reincarnation as the animal of your choice is virtually guaranteed.  This bundle has been personally approved of by the deities of smoke, unknown neighborhood hip hop wannabees, and someone’s mom who we won’t name (Sorry Steve..Oops!) Anyway, let’s see what we have in here:

24K Gold Plated Phoenician Elite Grinder

Dang son! This grinder is sick, like I just ate roadside food in Tijuana sick. There is no better grinder on the market than the Phoenician.  Add an absolutely beautiful coat of 24 karat gold plating and you have a grinder that would be the envy of kings and leprechauns alike. 

The Phoenician Large 4 Piece Elite Series Grinders are 4 piece grinders and sourced from 304 Stainless steel, 6061 Aerospace Aluminum, and Type II Titanium, this means that these grinders could possibly outlast the life of the user! These grinders come with patent pending “Fast Lock System” which is a no threads system, and Diametric Teeth. They also feature an exterior lobe gripping design for a no-slip grip no matter how you hold it. Plus, the lid is fashioned with a built in ashtray and rolling paper holder for an all-in-one carrying solution. Made with pride in the USA, this grinder features a manufacturer’s lifetime warranty!

22K Gold Plated Celebration Pipe

Sometimes you just need an excuse to party. Well, you do, we don’t. The Celebration Pipe will give you a reason and more! This classy piece originated in Oahu, Hawaii.  The pipes are hand crafted from ceramic composite and then textured with lava rocks. They are then kiln-baked at 2300 degrees Fahrenheit and plated in 22k gold. Velvet carrying cases are supplied with each Celebration Pipe, which comes presented in a custom gift box with an Authenticity Certificate as well as a signature from the artist and number of the pipe. Each pipe has a unique number, as only 3,000 of these pieces are created every year. Now you can regale your friends with stories of how you bravely climbed to the top of a volcano and uncovered this gnarly pipe directly from the magma (we won’t tell them you’re full of it).

Shine 24k Gold 1 1/4 Rolling Papers

Haven’t you ever wondered what it would be like to just burn money for fun? Now you can, because when you roll with a Shine 24K gold paper, that’s exactly what you are doing! Smoking with these papers is guaranteed to bring friends and family to your doorstep, begging to borrow money. But hey, that’s the price of your new perceived wealth, right? 

Limited Edition Raw Lighter Ring

Sometimes you’ve just got to live the life, the RAW life that is. This ring is absolutely pointless. It is nothing more than a ridiculous decoration meant to tell people that you are winning. The lighter doesn’t function, and it only comes in size 9 and 10. In other words, you know you need this more than food and water!!  The limited number of Raw Lighter Rings available ensures the ring lies only in the hands of true fans.

Gold Bar Electric Lighter

What what??? You’re going to use gold to light gold?? That’s right, a gold bar electric lighter rounds out this sweet bundle of excess!  Laugh yourself silly when your peeps are pulling out your run of the mill cheap disposable lighters and you are getting your burn on with a touch of class. Since its electric, there are no fumes, exhaust or gas, and is rechargeable on any USB enabled device. Simply charge it on your laptop, computer, or USB adaptor, and go! Comes with a USB charging cord.


Look, in a nutshell, buying this bundle may give you the only chance in your life to attract unwanted friends, family and the IRS. Your life may never be the same. But hey, if you feel you need this, and you do, then you don’t want your life to be the same! 

This Sampler will take 7 to 14 business days to ship due to all Phoenician Elite Series Grinders being custom made when ordered.


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  1. review by Sin on 3/20/2016

    I'm not dumb enough (or rich enough) to drop $2000 on gold-plated shit, but I'm sure someone out there is doing it right now, just for giggles.
    Haven't bought this, never going to, but I just had to applaud the RPD staff on their hilarious description. Rating is for the sheer comedy of this existing.

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