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Tales of Love and Smoke

The gift guide every smoker needs

Are you looking to spice up your next date night? Is Valentine’s Day approaching and you’re coming up short for ideas on how to woo your lady? Or are you looking try something new that’s a little outside of your comfort zone? Well, you’ve come to the right place because we’ve got some smokin’ hot tips for your next date night.

There are some great gifts available for your significant other. Valentine’s day will be a breeze if you ditch the classic assorted chocolate box and a stuffed bear and give your partner some downright groovy smoking gear instead. Who needs another bouquet of flowers that will wilt after a few days, when you can gift a bundle to your special someone that they can use for many date nights to come.

Burning Love

Burnin Love

Ah, the feeling of new love. Every time you see your special person you get butterflies in your stomach, they suddenly become the most exciting person in the world, love songs on the radio speak to you- life is good. Your new flame is burning bright, and you see the world through rose colored glasses, ride it out for as long as you can, my friend. If it’s too soon to give her some jewelry for her birthday or valentine’s day maybe, get her the gift that keeps on burning… But in a good way, not like the burn you felt after Spring Break your junior year of college. I’m talking about the Burnin’ Love Bundle.

Filled with a variety of flavored papers featuring Juicy Jay's triple dip flavor system, the Burnin’ Love Bundle will take your smoke session to a new level. The Raw Terpene Sensory Enhanced Candle is made of soy wax, myrcene, hemp seed oil, and therapeutic grade terpene essential oils. This natural, clean-burning candle’s uplifting aromatherapy will be sure to enhance your smoking experience. To tie it all together, the rose gold all metal Clipper lighter will add a bit of class to your date and is sure to impress your special someone.

This bundle is a great gift for anniversaries, birthdays, Valentine’s Day or as a “just because” gift for your favorite smoker. There are a few things that set the mood more instantly than lighting up your favorite flavored wrap and settling in for the night with your lady. We hope that this Burnin’ Love candle will spark some romance in your life.

Burnin Love

Au Natural

Au Natural

Warm baths, skinny dipping, streaking: The best things in life are experienced in your birthday suit the way God intended. That’s why we put together the Au Natural Bundle. Made with the outdoorsy type in mind this bundle is perfect to take on your next hiking trip with you and your “special lady friend” as your mom calls her. Made with the green friendly smoker in mind, this bundle will be sure to knock your socks, and (fingers crossed) pants off.

The “Au Natural” bundle brings together the best natural, hemp based goodness the smoking world has to offer. Of course, we started off with a bunch of RAW goodies, including a RAW smoky tree rolling tray, a cone wallet made of hemp fibers and an all natural bamboo rolling mat. We then added some unbleached Pure Hemp papers, Skunk brand king size cones, and 20ft of RAW hemp wick to light your smokes with. So go ahead, strip it all the way down and enjoy the pure, unadulterated flavor and experience of this nature themed bundle.

Gifting your honey with the “Au Natural” bundle will also allow you to use all the goodies it has to offer. You’ll get to enjoy all the perks of smoking unbleached, tobacco and chemical free products, while still getting bonus points for giving a surprisingly original gift.

Au Natural

Juicy Jay Valentine’s

Juicy Jay Valentine

If all things go right, hopefully your night will end on a high note, and this last bundle might just do the trick. The Juicy Jay Valentine bundle is like a dream date on a tropical island, eating strawberries dipped in chocolate, all jam packed into a gift sized box. This flavorful bundle is sure to set any sweetheart over the moon or even better, set yourself up for a night of delicious (smoking) exploration! Packed with deliciously flavored papers and hemp wraps made with Juicy Jay’s patented triple dipped flavor system, you and your sweetie are sure to enjoy yourselves, over and over again! So grab up this bundle and start enjoying.

This bundle is the perfect gift for the adventurous couple looking for a little variety. With plenty of juicy flavors to choose from, your lover will be pleased with the assortment of exciting new experiences to try out with you. Whether you’re in the mood for some cherries, bananas, or both (we don’t judge) this bundle has something for everybody.

Juicy Jay Valentine

Here at Rolling Paper Depot, we like to help. Whether you’re experiencing new love, old love, or free love, we hope that this gift guide scores you points with the special person (people?) in your life. Take our advice and chances are that your next date night will be filled with smoke and love.

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