Why we don’t take paypal

We get several emails every week asking about using PayPal as a payment options on RollingPaperDepot.com.

The History

The Depot is about two years old. When we first started, of course we wanted to take PayPal to make it easy for all of our fellow smokers! We believe in the roll-your-own movement and being able to efficiently and cheaply get better smoking supplies out to everyone who enjoys the hobby.

About two weeks after making PayPal a viable payment method at checkout, we received a phone call. PayPal accused us of dealing illicit drugs over the internet and that we would need to take any mention of their service down immediately.

There was no argument, no proof, and no room for appeal. We had no leverage, and PayPal had the final say. We had to cease using PayPal publicly and felt the charge of guilt without being given a chance to prove innocence (which, of course, we are!)

Questions Remain

We see US-based online smoke shops use PayPal and wonder why they’re allowed to proceed. Is Rolling Paper Depot the only site subjected to such ludicrous accusations and punishment? We can only guess.

If anyone out there knows how we can appeal, set PayPal’s fears at ease, or play by their rules to offer the payment option, please contact us.


Rolling Paper Depot doesn’t turn away private requests to receive funds via PayPal. Our account was not shut down completely, it was just ordered to disappear from public view. We understand and respect the desire to opt out of the traditional banking system and “fly under the radar”. If you call or email us first, we can arrange for non-traditional payment options such as money orders, will call pickup, and online payment services.

Misery loves company. If you’ve had a poor experience with PayPal or similar service — or know how to remedy the situation — let us know in the comments section below!