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RPD Woodstock Bus

Woodstock or Bust!

It’s warming up, and time to start making summer plans! We’re rolling right into music festival season and this summer has an unforgettable lineup: Coachella, Bonnaroo, SXSW, Lollapalooza, and Woodstock, just to name a few. Hang tight and let us guide you through the best tips and tricks to navigate outdoor music festivals with your trusty legal herbs at your side.

You read that right, this summer Woodstock returns to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of arguably the most well-known music festival in history. If you haven’t heard of Woodstock, you’re either a Tibetan monk or you’ve never seen Forrest Gump. Either way, we can fill you in on the scoop and share our tips and tricks. We can all agree that there’s no better way to enjoy a concert than when you fully appreciate it’s roots, right?

Woodstock was an epic music festival that literally changed the future of concerts. It was an event that reflected the culture of the times: sex, drugs, and rock n roll. Performers like Joe Cocker, The Grateful Dead, Janis Joplin, and The Who were among the many that played to the masses. Even with treacherous weather, stand still traffic and a sudden location change, almost half a million people attended the 3-day festival. Woodstock took place on a dairy farm in a hay field in New York and attracted a crowd of mostly hippies and college kids. The attendees and drugs of the 1960s created a lush, peaceful atmosphere. Woodstock is always referred to as a huge music festival with a lot of love to go around and we mean that literally.

On August 15, 1969, the opening act, Richie Havens, got more than he bargained for when many of the performers were stuck in traffic and missed their sets. This left concert organizers scrambling to fill time slots and resulted in bands playing every song they knew. This wasn’t the first chaotic moment of the event though after the venue was changed last minute, concert-goers showed up days in advance and caused issues collecting tickets. This mishap turned Woodstock into a free event- oops. While the investors didn’t get the ROI they expected on ticket sales, Woodstock ultimately secured its place in the history books for many generations to come.

Now that you’ve brushed up on your Woodstock history, it’s time to dive into our top 4 tips for smoking at outdoor music festivals.

Tip #1: Pack It

Don’t even know where to start packing? We’re here to help! Begin with a basic list so you don’t forget anything. Remember: if you’re doing it Woodstock style, you’re pitching a tent or bringing a sleeping bag, so chances are you won’t just be able to run back to the car/hotel/house to grab whatever you left. Make a list and check it twice, like Santa.

Start with your bathroom products. In addition to the usual, we’d throw in some wet wipes for quick cleaning and outdoor toilets. Pack the obvious clothes, bedding, footwear, and a solar charger for your phone. Don’t forget deodorant because #ThreeDayOutdoorMusicFestival. Need we say more?

Don't forget to make your smoking kit list ahead of time, and include easy to pack smoking gear. One hitters and pre-rolled cones travel easily and don’t require much setup. They also don’t take up a lot of space in your luggage, but still produce a quality smoking experience.

The odor of your herb can often permeate throughout your belongings, marking you as an obvious smoker. Avoid the chance of lingering smells by locking your stash in an airtight container. It’s never been easier to secure your herb on the go with our multitude of travel options! Our favorites include the Tightvac, Medtainer, and time capsule container. Oh, and don’t forget your lighters and gum or breath mints. Again, #ThreeDayOutDoorMusicFestival.

RPD Woodstock Bust Pack

Tip #2: Hide It

Looking for sneaky places to stash your herbs? Items that are hollow and cylinder shaped work the best. Think flashlights, feminine products, pens, and toilet paper rolls. Although boring, the easy hiding spot standouts are socks, shoes, and undergarments. Really, it comes down to how creative you can be. If you can dream it, you can achieve it!

Be sure to be gentle when you are stashing the goods not to smash the goods. Tin cans and stash cans work well to keep pre-rolls intact and tricks the unsuspecting eye. Plastic travel toothbrush containers and medicine bottles can also work in a pinch. Throw ‘em in your sleeping bag or duffle bag and practice your best poker face for security.

RPD Woodstock Bust Hide It

Tip #3: Share It

Sharing is caring! So much about the concert experience involves the friends we share it with, so be generous. Invite people around you to join in on your smoke sesh. Take “no” graciously (no one likes peer pressure!), but be kind and offer to those around you. Sharing makes a warm environment and an overall better experience for everyone.

While sharing is important, keep in mind not everyone partakes or even likes the smoke. Be kind and polite to those around you and keep smoke away from those that aren’t interested in a smoke session. Being courteous keeps a cool vibe and makes for a welcoming environment for all attendees. Definitely make sure not to ash on anyone or burn others in close quarters.

Keep in mind that timing is important when you’re smoking at a festival. Be conscientious of where security is and don’t be the first to light up in the crowd. Like-minded people tend to find each other and stay together (‘Birds of a feather’ and all that), so this should be easy.

RPD Woodstock Bust Share It

Tip #4: Be Safe

Spending three days outdoors in the hottest month of the summer can be challenging. To maximize the fun, make sure you stay hydrated, have sunscreen and to take breaks throughout the day. No one wants to be “that guy” who got heat stroke and passed out in front of everyone. Practice self-care and make it a priority to stay hydrated and stay out of the sun when you can. Wear a hat, apply sunscreen, eat a full lunch... okay, we sound like your mom now, just try to make it to Sunday in one piece.

Most important, don’t consume and drive and make sure your friends don’t either. It isn’t safe for you or other drivers and the consequences just aren’t worth it. If you’re not staying at the venue, it’s easy to grab a ride via Lyft. Plus, you don’t have to figure out where to park the car. Win-Win.

RPD Woodstock Safety


RPD Woodstock Bust Peace Love Music

The 50th Anniversary of Woodstock is going to be one for the books. Don’t miss out on the event of a lifetime; Grab your friends and hit the road to get in on this killer weekend.

Remember the essentials needed to ensure your trip is nothing but smooth sailing! There’s nothing like sweet summertime, good music, and smoking with your friends.


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